February 22, 2024



The Rivercess County Police Detachment has arrested four suspects for alleged multiple crimes.

It can be recalled that on March 9, 2022, following the death of one Mark Kollie who was allegedly stabbed to death in a ghetto that led to a group of people from the nearby Town burned 18 houses in Bodoweihn Town, Rivercess County, to avenge the victim.

During police preliminary investigation, four alleged suspects have were arrested so far, those arrested include;

suspect Ndubuisi Ernest Odbueshi, 28yrs, Nigerian National, resident of Bodowieh Town, Prince Doe (AKA Five Buck Note) 30yrs,  resident of Garmu town and Francis Natt ( AKA Civil Beard) 36yrs, resident of Cheiwon Town, Rivercess County and Melvin D. Smith of the same address.

During police preliminary probe, suspect Ndubuisi Ernest Odbueshi who is believed to be the owner of the ghetto where the incident occurred admitted stabbing victim Mark Kollie with a knife that the victim had with him and threatened to kill him if he doesn’t release his bag containing  $158,000 LRD, narcotics (drugs) values LRD$400,000, 68 grams of gold, gold scale and infinite hot -8 phone valued at USD$200.00.

Suspect Ndubuisi Ernest Odbueshi further told the investigation that, while he was being attacked by victim Mark Kollie with a knife, suspects Prince Doe (AKA Five Buck Note) 30yrs, resident of Garmu town, and Francis Natt ( AKA Civil Beard) 36yrs, resident of Cheiwon town, jumped on him and took away his bag leaving him alone with victim Mark Kollie to kill him in ordered to destroy evidence.

He said when suspect Prince Doe and  Francis Natt) took away his bag and ran outside, he was left alone with victim fighting, who wanted to kill him in order to destroy evidence, he managed to get hold of the weapon/ knife and stabbed the victim on his left side to release himself and escaped the scene because of fear.

Suspects Prince Doe (AKA Five Buck Note)  and Francis Natt ( AKA Civil Beard) were also arrested, during police investigations,  they admitted going to the suspect Ndubuisi’s house for money owed them, they also told the investigation that the victim carries along with him a knife but they Prince Doe and Francis Natt left both of them in the house fighting and escaped the scene.

However, during police investigations, a man identified as Melvin D. Smith who is also in connection to the incident was arrested with drugs ( Italian white), he told the investigation that he put his hand into suspect Prince Doe’s trouser pocket and made away with the drugs.

Calm has been restored in the area while the LNP is presently working in close collaboration with the Community watch Forum in making sure that those involved in the burring of the 18 houses are made to face the full weight of the law.

Meanwhile, suspect Ndubuisi Ernest Odbueshi, Prince Doe (AKA Five Buck Note), and Francis Natt ( AKA Civil Bear and Melvin D. Smith have been charged with Manslaughter, Criminal Facilitation, Theft of property, Robbery, and Aiding Consummation of Crime respectively. They have been forwarded to court for prosecution.

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