September 21, 2023

Mo Ali calls for the improvement of UL

The Secretary-General of the opposition Unity party Mo Ali has described the look of the state-run University as filthy and non-conducive for learning.

The Unity Party Secretary-General encouraged the University authority to improve the sanitary and physical look of the state-run university as it appeals very filthy.  

According to Mr. Ali, the look of the University is an embarrassment for the Country and students, the government should make more funding available to the university for proper keep up of the state-run university, he charged the Liberian Government.

Mr. Ali alarmed that the look of the University does not provide a better learning environment for students that go there to acquire knowledge.   

SG Ali added that students are complaining that they have been mandated to pay an amount of five thousand Liberian dollars LRD$5,000 as registration fees which should be free for registration.

The Unity party secretary General added that the free tuition policy was not backed by proper financial support. In that like, he is encouraging the government of Liberia to revisit their decision of the free tuition fees to all public universities.

Reported by: Fasu Donso


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