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The speaker of the  Liberia National Children’s Representative Forum “formerly Children’s Parliament”, Joel U.K Gray Jr. has accused the Government of Liberia for failing to take up her constitutional responsibility by providing the institution support to run their day to day affairs. 

Speaking to the media personalities at their Gender Ministry office on Monday March 28,2022 in Monrovia. Mr.Gray stated that,  since their  establishment in February 2008, and was enacted into law  in October 13,2011 by the then  53th national legislature,  the Government of Liberia has given  less attention to children issues.

The Speaker of the Liberia National Children’s Representative Forum noted,  “it is unrealistic to know that children are prostituting themselves to earn living, risking their lives by selling petit commodities between cars to survive”.

Speaker Gray frowned on the Government for  failing to implement, section 9 (9.1) of their constitution  which states, no child shall be employed with a work that is hazardous to the child’s health, educational emotional or physical development. 

 According to him,  Liberia remains the most underscored Nation as the US Department on Child Labour 2020 showed  about 75% of Children  involving into child labour, why 50% out of the 75% were mostly in the agriculture sector in Firestone rubber plantations Company. 

He called on the Ministry of labor to ensure that children that are involved in such should be given Justice and ensure that the individual/company be brought to the law to serve as deterrent in order to stop the Children rights violations. 

Gray maintains , the 2011 Children’s Law of Liberia which is to be taught through  the various schools across  the Country and through the curriculum of the Ministry of Education(MoE)  is a disgrace and highly condemnable as its implementation  remains very poor and inactive. 

“Section  9, ACT 9.3, States that MoE should provide and encourage the enrolment in to schools and enrolment into schools or alternative forms for education, for those children who may drop out of school.

Section 9 ACT 9.4, States that Minister of Education (MoE) shall progressively develop various forms of secondary education and progressively make it free and accessible
all children in Liberia.

Section 9.1 ACT 9.1 States that every child shall have the right to education
section 9, ACT 9.2 States GOL shall ensure that there should be a compile free education for children in line with the education laws.

The group call on MoE to respect the law and implements the law, because it is mandatory that education remain the major goal for children”, asserted. 

Speaker Joel U K Gray Jr. is called on  the Government through its executive headed  by president Weah to  include them in the 2022 National Budget with  USD S50,000.00  in order to  buttress their efforts  in combating  Child’s rights violations across the country. 

Mr. Gray alarmed that the Nation’s is losing  to insecurity, more especially the mysterious deaths across the Country  with the increasment of rape and child rights violations among others.

According to him, the Ministry of Gender children and Social Protection 2021 report has shown  1,637  cases ,as 56% were reported sexually, while  44% were  Child survivals  with Montserrado County taking the lead. 

He mandated the Government Liberia through the Ministry of Justice with immediate effect to investigate cases involving Child rights violations in Liberia and bring the perpetrators to justice. 

Speaker Gray at the same time urged the government to amend the 2011 Children rights law with other declarations she is signatory to which include but not limited  to: concession on the  right of Child (CRC) in 1993, Declaration of the Child right (DCR)in 1924 and  African charter on the right of Child in 1990  to enable them to fully participate in the National decision making.

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