December 9, 2023

2021/2022 Basketball league is poorly organize, says Coach Lee

The Monrovia Pistons head Coach, James Lee, has complained that this years’ edition of the National Basketball league is poorly organized as compared to the past editions.

According to him, the coaches, referees, and organizers of the league are all contributing to the poor running of the league.

Coach Lee acknowledged that coaches’ failure to teach the players the regular fundamental aspect of the game and match officials not being on top of their games are some of the contributing factors that are killing basketball in Liberia.

Monrovia Pistons Coach at the same time blamed the Liberia Basketball Association for not monitoring coaches properly before being allowed to coach in the various divisions.

“Let me start with the coaches, we are not coaching class basketball to give back what was given to us because we never had a better coaching seminar before the league. Basketball is not about the wins, but is about entertaining and teaching the fundamental aspect of the game, Coach Lee said”.

“On the issues of the match officials, my belief is, they don’t really understand the game well. Most of their callings are bulges, fake and they are also helping to kill the game. I will not hold them responsible because of their low knowledge of the game. Now, let’s look at the clock, the clock is supposed to remain in motion when the player or players’ hands are on the ball, but we have experienced the clock being stopped on a regular basis which I think they need to improve on, he added. I am making this open call to the Liberia Basketball Association to improve her league in every aspect of the game if basketball will move forward, Coach Lee asserted”.

Coach James Lee spoke to members of the Sports Writers Association of Liberia on Wednesday, March 31, 2022, following his club, Monrovia Pistons defeat to NPA Pythons in the 2021/ 2022 National Basketball 1st division Championship at the famous Sports Commission on Broad Street in Monrovia.

Monrovia Pistons were defeated 84-65 points to continue their poor start of the season. They won the first and 3rd quarters by 21-18 points and 13-12 points but lost the 2nd and 4th quarters to Pythons by 28-14 and 26-17 points.

Coach Lee has also promised to address his team’s poor start to the league.

According to him, the league is still open and nothing has been changed, adding that, Monrovia Pistons can still make a comeback in her next matches.

Monrovia Pistons’ next match will be against informed Bushrod Bulls on Friday at 4 PM in game two while Desert Nights and Commissioners lock horns in the other 1st division encounter at 6 pm. Before these matches, Hoops Angels and Desert Ladies will lock horns against each other in the female division at 3 pm.

Here are other fixtures for this weekend:

 Saturday, T. Gray verse Sinkor Blazers at 3 pm

ELWA Spartans verse Kardinals at 4 pm

 Cestos Mogars verse Bushord Bulls at 6 pm.

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Raiders two verse King George Knights at 3 pm

 Commissioners female verse Invincible Eleven female at 4 pm

 NPA Pythons verse Mighty Barrolle at 6 pm

Reported by Sports Director: Sylvester Tamba


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