March 30, 2023


  • Senator Teahjay and others hail the late Sawyer. 

Sinoe County Senator, J. Milton  Teahjay has characterized the late and former interim Leader of Liberia, Pro. Dr. Amos  Claudius Sawyer as a  democratic rebel  Leader who stood against dictatorship and led the fight to liberate his  Countrymen and set the intellectual and democratic foundation of Liberia. 

Speaking at the tribute organized by the Governance Commission with partners at the Monrovia City Hall on Wednesday, March  30, 2022, in celebrating the legacy of  Prof. Dr. Amos Claudius Sayer. The Sinoe County Senator and many others referred to the late Dr. Sawyer as a Father of democracy in Liberia and a Teacher to many Nations.

 He said Dr. Sawyer was a Social Justice Warrior who fought the battles that were not hated but positioned himself to stand in place of those who had no one to stand for them.

Senator Teahjay described the late Sawyer as a man of discipline who partnership with former Liberia President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the public servants became competitive as no unqualified individuals obtained high-profile jobs on sentiment. 

“Dr. Sawyer had provided the foundation of institutional memory for preserving the Country and entities. He was the person who was into creating things that others might think is impossible to work out: such as the Governance Commission”, Teahjay noted.

Prof. Dr. Amos Claudius Sayer

He proudly stated that Dr. Sawyer had left so many soldiers behind who will continue the fight he fought for, and he feels pleased to see River Gee Senator, Conmany  Wesseh who also served as former University of Liberia students Leader, Maryland Senator Blee bo Brown including himself at the Senate and many others across the globe. 

He maintained that the late Stateman was the first president who truly made the Legislative branch of government independent by respecting the outcome of the decision of the Legislature in Liberia and was hugely involved in his intellectual political development. 

According to him, his legacy can be compared to Thomas Jefferson, “when America gained independence the first President was George Washington but the intellectual foundation of George Washington was Thomas Jefferson”, Senator Teahjay emphasized. 

In a special interview with some prominent personalities; The former Justice of the supreme court of Liberia, Justice Kabineh Janeh said, Dr. Sawyer was his professor at the University of Liberia, and whatever protective history he learned started with the late professor.

“He was everything that makes me what I am today. It is a big loss not only to Liberia but Africa and the world at large”, Justice Janneh asserted. Justice Janneh described his late professor as an Intellectual Giant and certainly supports a call to build an in his Memory.

The former supreme court Justice noted that it is time for the Center for Democratic empowerment institution to be reactivated and become a think tanks institution for people who want to follow in his footsteps to continue his dream for Liberia and the rest of Africa. 

Meanwhile, Liberian Economist, Mr. Mcintosh Toga Gayewea noted, that the death of Sawyer is a loss to both Individuals and the Nation as someone at 76 still had a whole lot to bring to the Nation.

Providing his connection with the late Dr. Sawyer, he discloses that,  both of them grew up together and he served as Dr. Sawyer’s advisor and personal Confidant when he became an interim president. 

“He was two years younger than me but was so smart and intelligent,  we were classmates even though he didn’t do most of the social things I did such as soccer but we moved together and hang around each other” Mr. Mcintosh Toga Gayewea explained. 

Also, River Gee County  Senator, Conmany Wesseh hailed Dr. Sawyer and called him Teacher and  Mentor who represented humanity, commitment, patriotism, and became a genuine Panafricanist.

River Gee County  Senator, Conmany Wesseh

 He spoke of working with the late statesman as a Student Leader at the University of Liberia and as an executive director and co-founder of the  Center for Democratic Empowerment.

“This Country was at the cliff of self-destruction but because of him, we didn’t completely destroy the country”, the River Gee County senator Conmany concluded. 

Reported by: Joseph Tumbey 

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