September 21, 2023

Defending LBA champion proved supremacy over Cestos Mongars

Cestos Mongars fell to 59-67 points defeat at the hands of Mighty Barrolle in the ongoing National Basketball 1st division Championship on Wednesday at Sports Commission on Broad street in Monrovia.

This defeat marks their second in succession following a loss to inform Bushord Bulls on April 2 with two points margin (70-68 pts).

For the league defending champion, Mighty Barrolle this is their third victory in succession after collecting wins over LPRC Oilers, NPA Pythons, and Cestos Mongars to have given them an additional edge of retaining the championship.
Their only defeat this season has been against Bushord Bulls, but they have managed wins in their other matches.

In the 2nd division star, one lost to Barnesville Dragons by 56-44 points while Raiders two got a win over Spartacus by 42-32 points in the male 3rd division.

Cestos Mongar’s next match will be against Invincible Eleven on the 10th of April while Mighty Barrolle will take on Commissioners on April 15.

In the Thursday fixture, Etaas Shooters will take on Island Clippers in game one at 3 pm in the male 3rd, while Dreamers and Hoops Angel’s sortings in the female division at 5 pm.

The late encounter will witness Royal Legends against Star one in the male 2nd division.

Reported by Sports Director: Sylvester Tamba


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