February 28, 2024

VAN Community Outreach Opens 4 Libraries In Grand Kru

A privileged Liberian and U.S. based NGO-VAN Community Outreach, headed by its Executive Director, Mrs. Veronica Nimene Nimpson, has opened four public libraries in Grand Kru County aims at supporting Liberia’s educational system.

On March, 2022, the four libraries, which were the first of its kind in the history of Grand Kru County to be erected, were opened in Barclayville, Betu, Grandcess and Sasstown respectively.

According to Mrs. Nimpson, the four libraries will benefit 19 schools and over 4000 students in these four areas.

VANCO’s motto: “Making a difference in the Lives of the Children, Youths, and Elderly in Liberia” mission is to provide community outreach services in Liberia; reach out to elderly folks and empower the children and youths, especially, the underserved communities.

Mrs. Nimpson said the initiative is part of an effort to build the capacity of the students in Liberia.

Mrs. Nimpson indicated that her organization is a non-for profit making right group, which was launched in Liberia in 2020 and has completed three cardinal projects in Grand Kru County.

Director Nimpson who holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and Health Care Administration, said her non for profit making is not intended for any political dividend; rather, it’s her own way of giving back to the county.

According to her, Van Community Outreach in addition to opening the four libraries in both public and private schools in the targeted areas, also provided medical supplies and equipment to the Rally Time Hospital, Grand Kru only referral hospital, as well as essential toiletries for the elderly.

Van Community Outreach Executive Director, Mrs. Veronica Nimene Nimpson and a student

“VANCO shipped a 44-foot container with resource books, novels, dictionaries, mathematics books, and books that will help the children to do research, critical thinking and analysis on topics and issues,”she disclosed.

VANCO, as she is affectionately called, narrated that in 2020, VAN Community Outreach launched the NGO and will continue to support the young people and the elderly.

She said beneficiaries are delighted about the new initiative and she has promised to continue the support to the county.

She said the organization distributed an assortment of school supplies to 3,027 students and 100 teachers in VANCO’s 4 targeted areas.

“Medical supplies and $100.00 to purchase fuel for the generator was also provided to the Rally Time Hospital in Grandcess,” Mrs. Nimpson noted.

She said balls were provided for the students, and in 2021 an 8-seated canoe with 8-life jackets were given to Betu Jloh, for crossing the Gbartu River as well.

According to the humanitarian, VAN Community Outreach is proud to announce the successful launch of it Grand Kru County Library Initiative with the establishment of four libraries in Liberia from March 10th – 13th, 2022.

The schools collaborated with included Betu Elementary and Jr. High School (Betu), P.G. Wolor High School (Grandcess), St. Paul Elementary and Jr. High School (Sasstown), St. Peter Claver Elementary and Jr. High School (Barclayville).

She said these libraries will supplement the education of the 19 schools within the county which consists of over 4000 students and more than 100 teachers.

“Through all the challenges our team faced over the past two months, we were able to deliver over 500 cases of books and resource materials, 10 barrels of student/teacher school supplies, 9 barrels of clothes, 2 computers, a 6ft box of medical supplies and equipment for Rally Time Hospital (Grandcess), and essentials for the elderly,” she said.

VANCO will continue with it’s Mission, because together, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of the children, youth and elderly in Liberia, she added.

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