February 28, 2024

Ake Moore declear intention to contest LFA Executive Committe election

A candidate for the upcoming Liberia Football Association elections on 18 April has voiced his dissatisfaction with the delay in adjudication of cases involving players, coaches, and clubs that reached the LFA Judicial Committee.

According to Ake Moore, he declared his intention to contest the impending LFA Elections because he wants to make things right upon his election as one of the 9 Executive Committee members.

Mr. Moore speaking to Reports 231 said this current regime of the LFA has performed extremely well in other capacities, but blamed them for the National team of Liberia’s continued poor performances in international competitions and delayed adjudication of cases.

He said when elected, he will play a pivotal role at the LFA because he will be going to the job with great ideas, noting that with his level of experience in Liberian football, he is capable of making a great impact in the second term of Mr. Mustapha I Raji.

The Nimba FC Executive made the revelations to Reports 231 on Thursday, April 7, 2022, in Paynesville.

“I was one of the persons that disagreed with Mustapha I Raji during the last LFA elections because I thought he had bad administrative practices due to the way players and coaches the first complaint about him prior to him declaring his intention to contest the election. I thought not to support him in that election and begin a campaign chairman for George Solo who was one of the presidential candidates against Mr. Raji, but Raji has proved me wrong. Today, things have improved at the LFA under his regime. And we have settled our differences which prompted me to endorse his second term bid, he said”.

“Now, though another aspect of the LFA has transformed gradually, I am very much concerned about the continued poor performances of the national team, the delay in adjudication of cases involving players, coaches, and clubs amongst other. I believed my election as one of the Executive Committee Members will help improve the workings of the LFA in that direction. For example, LFA is the technical arm of the national team. There must be a better plan in place for the team to graduate from such a poor performance; therefore, my election as EC will also look at this on a critical point to help solve it.

Meanwhile, Ake Moore has also refuted claims by some football stakeholders who said Nimba County Football Clubs Association is established to support specific candidates in the upcoming Liberia Football Association elections.

According to him, the institution was not in any way established to support a candidate or candidates in the impending elections but to enhance its workings with members clubs and the Liberia football association.

“This idea of establishing Nimba Football Clubs Association is long overdue.  We thought of doing this before the LFA elections, but we had a bid of challenges in founding it due to commitments of member clubs. And our establishment of Nimba Football Clubs Association has nothing to do with tribalism as it has been speculated as well, but to enhance our workings. This organization will incorporate all Nimba clubs ranging from 3rd, 2nd, and 1st divisions and women divisions, upper or lower divisions. CPAL is only comprised of clubs in the 1st and 2nd divisions. Why other 3rd division clubs are not complaining about not being part of CPAL? Should we say Club Presidents Association of Liberia is a Political organization therefore, clubs that do not have voting rights can not be found part of it, Mr. Moore alarmed.

Nimba FC Executive also recommends to the Liberia Football Association to have Board Members of the LFA.

Aki encouraged big companies like Five Stone Liberia, Orange-Liberia, Lone Star MTN, Bea Mountain, ECOBANK, and hosts of other companies operating in the country to have their leaders serving as board members of the LFA with a specific cost attack.

“These are things we are supposed to be looking at in the next term of the LFA. We can bring these people on board with a specific agreement. Now, we can discuss with them to provide a percentage on every player sale from the league which I think will be a great idea because they will be providing some monies for the improvement of the league. Trust me, if we engage them, they will not turn us down, he explained”.

The Executive Committee hopeful has also identified Liberia Football Coaches Association as one of the institutions of the LFA that needs serious attention.

According to him, Liberian Coaches need exposure to enable them to compete with other coaches, increment in the budgetary allotment, and Workshops amongst others.

“For example, if the budget of Liberia football coaches association can be at least twelve thousand United States dollars (12K USD), six thousand of that amount will be for local workshops, while the other six thousand will squarely be reserved for international training where our coaches will apply for international training online to help them travel and get international exposures to compete with other coaches, Mr. Moore narrated”.

“These are my concerns as to why Aki Moore declared his intentioned to contest the impending LFA Elections on April 18 of this year, he added”

“On the issue as to which Vice Presidential candidate or candidates I do support for the election. I can’t say anything to you now regarding that decision, but I’m from an organization, which is CPAL. Whatever decision the institution will come up with in the latter days, I will support it, he concludes”.

Reported by Sports Director: Sylvester Tamba

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