February 22, 2024

Barnesville Court turn beggar due to low budget

It is reported that due to the lack of means of transportation for the Magisterial Court in Barnesville to transport convicts, they have started requesting money from the community leadership to transport criminals who were arrested.

Mr. Nuahn Roberts who is the head of the Barnesville Watch Team accused the court in Barnesville of requesting money from the community leadership to transport criminals arrested overnight from members of the watch team at the Barnesville junction.

Mr. Nuahn Roberts said, there have been high criminal activities at the Barnesville junction over the years. The community saw it as a risk to the lives of its citizens and thought to form a watch team with support from the assigned LNP commander to help support the Liberia National Police to fight crimes and minimized the many criminal activities in that community.

The team in an interview with Reports 231 said, those arrested by the team with support from the Police were taken to the police station and later to Barnesville’s court for persecution. The community said they were surprised when the court requested money from their leadership to transport the criminals to the Monrovia central prison.

He, on behalf of the Barnesville Watch Team, used the medium to appeal to the national government and other institutions into fighting crimes to support the Community Watch team help to minimize crimes within the Barnesville area and its environs.

Responding to the allegation levied against the Magisterial court, Mr. Daniel Tengbe from the Barnesville court admitted to asking the community leadership and the Liberia National Police to help in providing transportation to transport convicted criminals to the Monrovia central prison because of their low operational budget.

According to him, due to the low operational funds allotted to the court as compared to cases received daily, they are sometimes forced to ask for transportation from the community leaders or the accusers to transport those who were convicted of crimes to prison.

Mr. Tengbe also used the occasion to call on the national government and others to help support the court in other areas to help speed up trials and prosecution of criminals in the Barnesville Community and its environs.

Reported by: Andrew C. Johnson

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