March 25, 2023

Concerned Intellectual Association elects new leadership

The Members of the Concern Intellectual Association ( CIA ) have elected a new breed of officials to steer the affairs of the Institution for the next two years.

The election which was held on Saturday, April 9, 2022, at the Institution’s head office on the Old Road witnessed the election of six new members to the highest seats of the Institution.

Those elected according to election Committee results are:
J. Cephus Miller…….Chairman
Mark B. Zeway……… Co-Chairman
Maxwell M. Strother… General Secretary
Elijah Dennis………. Assistant…S.G
Eric A. Flomo….. Financial Secretary
Mohammed Diallo… Treasure amongst others.

Following his elections as Chairman of the Concerned Intellectual Association, J. Cephus Miller expressed gratitude to the Members of the Institution for what he termed a peaceful atmosphere during the conduct of the election.

” You guys went to the poll with a peaceful mind to cast your ballots which I see as a great understanding of what CIA stands for, he said”.

” Now, reconciliation is my key priority as Chairman-elect of the Concerned Intellectual Association. What do I main of reconciliation being my key priority? After the election, reconciliation should take place immediately. We will meet all the other candidates who were unfortunate to have been elected to see how we can work with them to move our noble organization forward, he concluded”.

for his part, the head of Election Committee Chairman, Eric Gaye, extended thanks and appreciation to all members of the association for their participation in the process.

Mr. Gaye encouraged every member of the Concerned Intellectual Association to reunite following the end of the electoral process.

Reported by: Joseph Kerkula

Contact: +231777-37-68-26


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