September 21, 2023

Judge Jomah Jallah seeks Clarity

Monrovia City Court Judge seeks clarity from Criminal Court A Judge Roosevelt Willie.

The Judge presiding over the fraudulent and alteration case involving Alternative National Congress’s Alexander B. Cummings, All Liberia Party Benoni Urey and the Government of Liberia at the Temple of Justice seeks clarification from Criminal Court ‘A’, Judge Roosevelt Willie to clarify as to if Cummings can produce his passport to the Court as requested by prosecution lawyers.

Judge Jallah on Monday, April 11, 2022 ruled that the application filed by prosecution requesting the court to mandate defendant Cummings to provide his passport is beyond his jurisdiction.

Judge Jallah ruled on grounds that the mandate for said travel came from Criminal Court ‘A’ and the traveling process was produced by court ‘A’ and submitted to the Monrovia City Court as such he cannot be the one to mandate Cummings to produce his passport.

He furthered that the separate motion filed by prosecution lawyers requesting Cummings to produce his passport to show if or not he visited his sick mother in the United States is beyond the jurisdiction of the Monrovia City Court.

Mr. Cummings is still maintaining his stance against the George Weah Government for what he terms as political influence in order to delay the ongoing trial against him and two others, following Judge Jallah’s ruling.

Following a ruling by Judge Jallah in a motion filed by the prosecution against him and two other defendants, Cummings termed the government move to prosecute him as a “travesty of Justice.”

He however noted that though the court has ruled against a request by government lawyers to produce a document unlawfully, these moves are for “selfish political motives.”

According to him, the government is embarrassed about his continued stance against corruption and other vices directly affecting the ordinary Liberians.

Cummings has promised to remain vocal on the travesty of justice which he said is being observed in the ongoing trial of the ANC leadership.

The ANC Political Leader is optimistic that the overwhelming support from citizens across the country demonstrate that he and others on trial are innocent of allegations level against them.

G. Watson Richards
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