April 2, 2023

Mandigo Community complain threatens with Country Devil in Gola Konneh District

Several Citizens in Gola konneh District, Grand Cape Mount are said to be living in fear over the constant harassment and intimidation from the country devil.

According to the citizens especially the Mandingo community, the constant harassment from the country devil in the county has caused them to be living in fear and ceased their free movement.

The deputy governor of the mandingo community said on March 7, 2022, some members of the traditional group unleashed the country devil into the home of their brother and damaged his properties and looted some valuable items.

According to Amara Konneh, this has not been the first time for the country devil to enter their homes and walk away with their goods, and cattle among other things.

He furthered that they have reached out to the local county authorities and the ministry of internal Affairs to address this situation but it is still on the high increase.

For his part, the Assistant Minister for culture and custom at the ministry of internal Affairs Joseph Janga condemn the act while calling for calm.

Minister Janga said he was glad that he succeeded in bringing the mandingo community and the traditional leaders to find a common ground for the problem.

He however suspended all traditional practices for a time indefinite in Grand cape Mount County.

The minister noted that forced initiation into the Poro or Sande (bush school) society is against the traditional Laws of Liberia.

Also speaking was the chief Zoe of Grand Cape Mount Tuma Dolo.

According to the chief Zoe,  what brings most of the mistakes in the traditional practices is that those who were in charge of the practices have left and the new officers are not knowledgeable of the practice.

” Those who are now in charge need to be trained in order to stop the mistakes,” he noted.

Chief Zoe of Grand Cape Mount, Tuma Dolo

Chief Dolo further that sometimes they depend on the elders of the county to guide the traditional process but when they reach out to them,  some of them are not willing to help in guiding the process.

“Sometimes we depend on the elders to guide the process. But some of them withdraw”, He stated.

Reported by: G.Watson Richards

Phone number: +231775807140

Whasapp: +231775807140

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