September 21, 2023

National Basketball league continues today as High Landers take on Royal Legends

The 2021/2022 National Basketball league continues at the sports commission on Broad Street in Monrovia with three matches in the male 2nd and 3rd divisions.

In the first match at 3 pm, High Landers will take on Royal Legends in the 3rd match while Barnerville Dragons take on ELWA Spartans in the 2nd division in game two at 5 pm.

The day’s last encounter will see Georgia Warriors against T.S Gray at 7 pm in the 2nd division.

Meanwhile, the league 2nd division Most Valuable Player award winner, Shaun Eastman scored 27 points as Invincible Eleven defeated Cestos Mogars by 78-61 points on Sunday evening in the 1st division.

And there were also wins for Vision Shooters and Raiders two at the expense of Royal Legends and Sports and Leadership on Monday at the same venue.

Reported by Sports Director: Sylvester Tamba


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