March 25, 2023

EC members approve increase of clubs in 1st, 2nd and women’s divisions

The Newly elected Liberia Football Association Executive Committee members have approved a proposal to increase the number of clubs in the 1st, 2nd, and women’s top divisions’ leagues.

The proposal which last Monday’s congress failed to approve was passed Friday at the LFA Executive Committee’s first meeting.

Their approval means 14 clubs will participate in the LFA 1st division, 16 clubs in the 2nd division, and 12 teams in the Upper Women’s division leagues beginning the 2022/2023 league season.

According to the approved proposal which amends the LFA rules, only one team from the three divisions will be relegated to the lower divisions.

The LFA Executive Committee Members also came up with a new date for the relegation playoffs and a format to determine the club to face relegation.

According to the format, IE and Monrovia Club Breweries will play a home and away from relegation playoff fixtures, with the losing team moving down to face Sandi FC and Heaven Eleven in a three-team relegation playoff.

The team finishing least among the three will face relegation to the second division.

In the Women’s division, SFA Shaita FC will battle Blanco FC with the loser going on to face Earth Angels and D.C Shooters in the three-team playoff.

Meanwhile, the date for the first round of playoff games has been set for this Thursday at the ATS.

IE will face Monrovia Club Breweries in the first leg at the ATS on Thursday and play the return leg on Sunday at the same venue.

The three teams’ playoff games will take place on May 2, 5, and 8 at the ATS.

Reported by Sports Director: Sylvester Tamba


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