February 28, 2024

Retina Capehart sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for Trafficking

Retina Capehart has been sentenced to twenty years imprisonment for Trafficking over ten Liberian to Oman.

Madam Capehart is said to be the first to be convicted under the revised Human Trafficking law which provides for a minimum jail sentence of 20 years, with restitution to victims for injuries and damages.

She is to restitute USD$5,000 for injuries and damages to the victims. 

In the new Human Trafficking Law, properties of the convicts and properties knowingly used in the execution of the crime can be confiscated and auctioned by the court to settle restitution to victims.

However, Defense Lawyers Represented by Cllr. J. Lavelli Supuwood and others on Monday, April 25, filed a motion requesting a retrial inconsistent with Section 22.1 (e) of the Civil Procedure Law of Liberia.

But the Judge of Criminal Court A Roosevelt Z. Willie vehemently denied the motion filed by the defense lawyers.

The motion was followed by a guilty verdict handed down by a twelve jury on April 19, 2022.

According to defense lawyers, the verdict of the trial jurors is contrary to the weight of the evidence as added in the proceedings.

The motion added that the denial by the court to grant the defendant bill violates her right particularly the 1986 Constitution of Liberia Article 21d(1 and 2).

Reported by: G. Watson Richards

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