March 29, 2023

ArcelorMittal calls Liberia gov’t to attention

ArcelorMittal is calling on the government of Liberia to cancel all agreements with third parties in its concession area and take no further steps that violate its mining rights in Liberia.

 In a letter addressed to the Ministers of Finance, Justice, and Mines and Energy, the company listed several alleged bad decisions by the government including its recent agreements with third parties, encroaching on its operation.

Details of the letter published by FrontPageAfrica News out lite suggested that Mittal’s communication to the government comes days after the Managing Director of the National Port Authority asked Mittal to grant access to Notre Dame Investment for entry to AML’s port area.

The company also stressed in strong terms that the conclusion of a framework agreement with PHX constitutes a serious encroachment on its rights under the existing Mineral Development Agreement.

Mittal is asking the Weah administration to cancel the HPX Framework Agreement and that the government desists from taking any action or facilitating HPX to take any action under the PHX Framework Agreement.

Reporter: Darius Karnga

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