September 25, 2023

Stormy rain interrupts LMTI 2ND Graduation

The second graduation ceremony of the Liberia Maritime Training Institute was on Thursday called off due to heavy downpour rain while President George Weah was in attendance.

 The Liberian Leader refused to abandon the occasion though his security requested him to do so due to the rain. The rain 87-degree Fahrenheit was accompanied by thunderstorms and heavy breeze that kept the Liberian President and several of his officials and diplomats hostage for more them thirty minutes.

Heavy rain at LMTI 2022 Graduation Ceremony

President Weah and other guests were stationed under a temporary shelter provided by the organizers of the program.

Later, making remarks at the lunch of the cancelled program, President Weah described the rain as a blessing intended for the Liberia Maritime Training Institute to see the need to build a hall to accommodate events.

Authorities of the Institution, however, consented to President Weah’s call for the construction of an event hall for the Liberia Maritime Training Institute.

The scenic campus of Liberia Maritime Training Institute spread over 17 acres, sits adjacent to the Junk, Farmington, and Du rivers and the Atlantic Ocean. It is a world-class learning community of excellence. Shipowners around the world require competent and trained seafarers to man their vessels.

Photo credit: Daily Observer

Reported by: Trokon G. Flahnma


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