March 25, 2023

Bridge Liberia uses technology to transform Liberia’s education system

With the growth of technology in Liberia, Bridge Liberia has transformed the teaching system in Liberia through the use of tablets and mobile phones. The technologies are well equipped with teaching materials in connection with Liberia’s education standard and style. Teachers and school leaders are trained at every stage of their journey to deliver lessons in a timely, coherent, and guided manner.

The world is fast transforming, especially with the use of technology. According to, after the speed bump of 2020, the technology industry is returning to its previous growth pattern of 5%-6% growth year over year. The United States is the largest tech market in the world, representing 33% of the total, or approximately $1.8 trillion for 2022. has reported that Africa’s mobile service subscription figures are skyrocketing. 615 million users in sub-Saharan Africa are expected to subscribe to mobile services by 2025. This presents an immense opportunity and is a testament to Africa’s creative capacities. Access to technology must be coupled with socio-economic welfare. reported that Liberia’s ICT sector is emerging and the market holds growth potential. Figures from January 2020 showed that there were 4 million mobile connections in Liberia, equivalent to 83 percent of the population, and the mobile connections increased by 32 percent between 2019 and 2020.

The teacher tablet, a technology pioneered by Bridge International Academics, are tablet loaded with detailed lesson plans and instructions for teachers to deliver to students daily. Bridge tablets also feed data back to supervisors to track the teacher’s activity and attendance and ensure they are sticking to the lesson plans. This has improved both performances of teachers and students performance in the classroom, especially in Bridge Liberia Schools.

Speaking to some teachers in Bridge Liberia schools, J.W. Pearson Elementary School located on Johnson streets in Monrovia; Montserrado County principal expressed thanks and appreciation to Bridge Liberia for the technology and training which enable her to work effectively as a principal. According to her, she ensures every teacher synchronizes their teaching tablets to get the daily lesson for delivery in the classroom. According to Madam Janet, the process mandates teachers to report to school early, improving teachers’ attendance at school.

J.W.Pearson Elementary School Principal, Madam Janet

The technology introduced in schools has been well welcome by Liberia’s Education Minister. Monitoring teachers’ activities in schools is a serious challenge, but Bridge Liberia technology, has allowed for improvement in many schools especially Bridge Liberia monitor school, something Minister Sonii appreciates. According to Education Minister D. Ansu Sonii, the challenge of monitoring and supervision cuts across all sectors of the government, something he said needs to be tackled.

Bridge Liberia, since 2016 has used the devices to connect the gap between human and technological monitoring of schools.

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