September 21, 2023

Human Rights Community re-echoes the establishment of war and economic crimes court in Liberia

The Human Rights Community is re-echoing to President George Weah the need to establish the War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia. According to the group, there are many warlords and people who have committed economic crimes walking the streets of Monrovia and Liberia at large free. According to them, such individuals are threats to society. Most of those who have caused the country setback are the ones enjoying and living pleasant life while the ordinary people suffer, especially those who lost their parents, loved ones, and breadwinners.

It can be recalled President Weah at the UNGA in 2019 said, “we are at a loss to understand why the clamor where the establishment of the court is now been made, almost 4 decades after it was first call for. During which time no such pressure was brought to bear on the government that grew out of the Accra peace accord”. It is also recorded that President Weah upon his return to the country after the UNGA backtracked and informed the Liberian population that there are more pressing issues than the establishment of the war and economic crimes court.

With such a statement from the Liberian Leader back in 2019, he was heavily criticized by the Human Rights Community, speaking to the BBC Victor Silva, Human Rights Advocate, Adama Dempster said, the president needs to be a little bit stable in decision making which will allow the people to trust him and believe in him. According to Dempster, before President Weah’s departure to the UNGA, he received recommendation from the National Economic Dialogue held in 2019 in Monrovia. According to the recommendation, the truth and reconciliation report be implemented, and the potion on war crimes be immediately addressed to hold people accountable that are accused of war crimes. According to the BBC recording, Mr. Dampster reported that President Weah accepted the report and announced in the meeting that he was going to immediately start to implement the recommendation.

It can also be recalled in that same week, the Traditional Council of Chiefs and Elders in Liberia had a conference. At the end of that conference, they recommended to President George Weah to take a position to establish the war and economic crimes court, it is reported that Mr. Weah also accepted the report.    

The Human Rights Community is calling on the Weah administration to establish the war and economic crimes court. According to them, President Weah is the best president they have seen to establish the court since they believe and know he was not involved in any war or violence in Liberia under the period review, they added that he was not attached to any warlord group or supported no group under the period review. The Human Rights Community believes the Liberian people still believe and trust the Liberian Leader and support him as he leads them. In this lite, they are reminding the TALK AND DO President to see it necessary to bring to bear the establishment of the War and economic crimes court.

Reports231 speaking to Liberians in Monrovia and Buchanan gather that the Human Rights Community request to Mr. Weah is no different. According to them, the war and economic crimes court will allow the development of the country. They noted that most of those in power and living luxurious lives are either those who committed war or economic crimes. They averred that some lawmakers who are seated in the house of decision-making are guilty of war and economic crimes and as such, those people should be persecuted in order to set an example.

They are at the same calling on the Weah administration to wake up to the level of corruption in its administration also causing economic crimes. They also call on the Liberian Leader to see it necessary to put in place more security measures in the country, especially with the issue of mysterious deaths in the country.  

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