February 28, 2024

Administrative Action Hangs Over City Police Director – Investigative Team Discloses

The Special Investigative Team constituted by the  Mayor of the City of Monrovia, Jefferson Tamba Koijee, to probe into reported unethical behavior on the rights of citizens at the JR Garage on April 8, 2022, in the suburbs of Congo Town allegedly by Monrovia City Police Director, Col. Thomas G. Garwo Jr., for which a complaint was officially filed by Attorney Lafayette Gould.

Predicated upon the above initial action of the office of the Mayor, accordingly, the team developed an investigation plan which includes strategy, data collection, and timeline, identifying persons of interest, and extended invitations to concerned persons. The team proceeded to the JR Garage where a physical assessment was done to include analyzing the scene, taking photographs, and collecting third-party testimonies.

It can be recalled that the Director of the Monrovia City Police, Thomas Garwo, Jr was indefinitely suspended for disorderly conduct carried out on April 9, 2022, by the Monrovia City government when he unilaterally took upon himself the authority to stall the movement of several peaceful citizens when he parked his vehicle behind theirs, switched off his phone and walked away unruly, hindering movement for several hours, at which time the City government apologized to persons affected and called for a speedy investigation into the actual cause for further actions.

“The conduct of Col Garwa was deliberate and intentional which impeded the movement of Attorney Gould and other peaceful citizens” the report stated.

Reading the report, on Thursday evening, April 12, 2022, at a press conference held at the Monrovia City Hall, the Director-General for Operation, Mr. Cain P. Andrews said It was observed that Col. Thomas Garwa’s action was intentional specifically for the owner of the garage for negligibly attending to his car for something he had earlier paid for as claimed but did not expect it to have such an impact on scores of citizens.

Monrovia City Police Director, Col. Thomas G. Garwo Jr.

As he read the findings of the report, Mr. Andrews said the vehicle of Col. Garwo used was his private and not his assigned MCC vehicle, adding that on April 13, 2022, Col.  Garwo extended an apology letter to the complaint Attorney Gould for the embarrassment he caused.

He noted that Attorney Gould has waived his complaint indicating that he has nothing personal against Mr. Garwo after he had expressed remorse for his action against him. Additionally, inclusive of the findings, the Director-General for Operation said Attorney Gould the complaint voluntarily and verbally waived all allegations and claims made against Col Garwo.

Based on the contending circumstances, the report recommended that “Henceforth, after careful scrutiny of all files and testimonies, the investigation herewith recommends, that the office of the City Mayor of Monrovia take an appropriate administrative action (s) against Col Garwo for professional misconduct exhibited against complaint Attorney Lafayette Gould and other peaceful citizens to serve as a deterrent in other to protect the integrity and sacredness of the institution, the City government of Monrovia.”

It is administratively prudent that the management of the City government of Monrovia ensures severe warning extended to all City Police officers, in other to refrain from all unethical and unprofessional conduct in the discharge of their duties to the public, the report further recommends.

“In view of the foregoing, facts and circumstances coupled with the physical appearances of concerned parties and background inquiries, the investigative resolved that only administrative action is befitting the weight of the disorderly conduct displayed by Col Garwo.

“The team further concludes that the Monrovia City Police especially its director should always exemplify good behavior to safeguard the integrity of the City government of Monrovia.”

Mr. Andrew while responding to questions said the complaint of Attorney Gould represents the views of all affected persons and at the same time told newsmen that the report will be taken for review by the senior management of the Monrovia City Corporation for the next course of relative to administrative procedures and added that the Governing Council will also be informed.

Reported by: Stephen G. Fellajuah
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