December 8, 2023

Give us back our powers; Traditional leaders call gov’t attention

The Chairman of the National Council of Chiefs and Elders is urging the Liberian government to give traditional leaders powers to assist in identifying individuals involved in the country’s secret killings.

Chief Karwor, speaking on behalf of the National Council, stated that with the rise in strange deaths and disappearances, the government should rethink the law outlawing some ancient procedures, such as trial by ordeal, which he believes could assist regulate such circumstances.

The strange deaths and disappearances, according to the council, are important concerns, emphasizing the need for the government to reconsider legislation prohibiting casting lots and other ancient customs.

Chief Karwor, speaking at a news conference where he and his leadership gathered at the National Council of Chiefs and Elders’ offices in Monrovia on Monday, May 16, 2021, stated that the laws have prohibited traditional leaders from performing such tasks, which they believe allows the sad scenario to persist.

Since the inauguration of the democratic governments that took over from former Liberian leader Charles Taylor, the subject of mysterious death has been on the rise.

Chief Karwor and his kind are pleading with the Liberian government to restore traditional chiefs’ authority. The council also remarked that it is past time for one of their kind to be elected to the legislature, they are reliable and truthful people, according to Chief Zanzan Karwor.

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