December 6, 2023

Obasanya to establish Real Madrid Fan Club in Liberia

A die-hard Real Madrid fan has started a Real Madrid Fan Club in Liberia. The goal of the group’s formation, according to Emmanuel Obasanya, is to bring together all Real Madrid supporters in Liberia. He bemoaned that the Real Madrid football club in Spain has agreed to help him form the organization in the West African country and that the club’s officials and members will receive full support.

Speaking to Reports231 over the weekend in Monrovia, Mr. Obasanya noted that there are huge benefits for members of the association as per the discussion he had with the club officials in Madrid Spain recently.

He emphasized that members of the association must take a membership form and T-shirt and that any fan who purchases these items before the champions league final on May 28, 2022, will become a full member of the club, at the same time be at the venue for all fans on that day. He stated that the club will have a data system that will include the names and addresses of all supporters.

Obasanya maintains that as per his research conducted since he arrived in Liberia, there is no strong Madrid fan club established in Liberia that is recognized by officials of the Liberian government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports.  He said the fan club when established in Liberia, will be one of the best fan clubs in the country for Real Madrid supporters.

According to Obasanya, it is discouraging for a major club like Real Madrid to lack a recognized fan club in the country since other West African countries, particularly Nigeria and Ghana, have well-established fan groups that generate funds to support European clubs.

Reported by: Joseph N. Kerkula


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