March 25, 2023

Press release: Ireland, Liberia to Strengthen Military Tie

Amb. Clarie Buckley, Ireland’s ambassador to Liberia has assured the Minister of National Defense of her country’s determination to create strong military ties with Liberia’s Armed Forces, particularly in the area of peacekeeping.

On Thursday, May 19, 2022, in Monrovia, Ambassador Buckley informed Liberian Defense Minister Maj/Gen. Daniel D. Ziankahn (Rtd) that the Republic of Ireland views the Liberian Armed Forces as a suitable partner, stressing that once such a partnership is established, it will further enhance the Armed Forces of Liberia’s professional capabilities in its peacekeeping operations.

She recalled Ireland’s contributions to peace in Liberia, including the deployment of Irish troops as part of the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Liberia during the civil war’s peak.

The Irish envoy to Liberia asked the Ministry of National Defense to consider recruiting more ladies into the Armed Forces of Liberia to achieve the United Nations’ 15 percent quota. She praised Minister Ziankahn for his recent pledge to keep the Liberian Armed Forces out of politics. “I was ecstatic to learn that the Liberian military will remain politically neutral.”

Simultaneously, the Irish Ambassador told Minister Ziankahn of Ireland’s military readiness to join in Liberia’s Armed Forces Day celebrations next year.

In response, Liberia’s Minister of National Defense, Maj/Gen. Daniel D. Ziankahn (Rtd), expressed gratitude for the visit and commended the two nations’ long-standing cooperation, recalling the Republic of Ireland’s assistance to the country’s peacekeeping efforts.

Minister Ziankahn praised Ireland’s gesture, which would see both nations’ militaries develop military-to-military cooperation, noting that such a partnership will aid the two countries in sharing experiences.

He assured the Irish Envoy that he would keep the Liberian Armed Forces out of politics in order to maintain the force’s neutrality.

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