September 21, 2023

UP Boakai; I am here to set record straight

The Monrovia City Court Judge Jomah Jallah has finally discharged Unity Party Standard Bearer Joseph N. Boakai from the witness stand where he has been testifying in an alleged forgery case against ANC leader Alexander Cummings

Minutes after he was discharged, the former Vice President told reporters that his appearance in Court was not to testify against ANC Political Leader Alexander Cummings, but rather to explain what he knows about the CPP framework document.

“I did not appear to testify against Mr. Cummings, I came here to set the record straight. We all in the CPP were people of integrity working together in the interest of the country” He noted.

The UP Political Leader said his appearance in the court is in the interest of the country and believes that leaders of the troubled CPP were all people of integrity working together for one goal.

Thursday’s appearance of Amb Boakoi before Judge Jomah Jallah of the Monrovia City Court made it six in a row.

UP Boakai stated in his testimony on Thursday, May 19, 2022, that he discouraged the communication of major issues and documents on WhatApps because it takes too long to read and that is not the best method for an exchange of documents and decision making, noting that he could not stop them from using the chartroom as they did.

‘Yes, we were all equal and I could not stop them from using the chartroom as they did.’ Mr. Boakai narrated.

 Mr. Boakai is the fourth subpoena witness to testify in the ongoing criminal case involving the ANC Political Leader Alexander Benedict Cummings.   

In response to a question from the Defense lawyer as to whether the former Unity Party Standard Bearer is aware of the May 25th amended, 2020 CPP framework document, the UP leader maintained that the document was never received and incorporated into the final document as was anticipated.

Amb Boakoi told reporters that it was a normal practice within the CPP that the Chairperson receives all reports first before it goes to the advisory council.

The former Vice President has been testifying in an ongoing forgery case against the leader of the Alternative National Congress who was accused by the All Liberian Party of tampering with the Framework documents of the Collaborating Political Parties.

Amb. Boakai took the witness stand for over three hours at the Monrovia City Court testifying to the originality of the CPP document that was filed with the national elections commission.

He maintained that the reason they filed the CPP document with the national elections commission was that, in his mind, the leadership of the CPP was acting in a good fate as a collective body which was why they fielded Senatorial Candidates.

Meanwhile, the Judge of Monrovia City Court Jomah Jallah has finally discharged Mr. Joseph from the witness stand.

Reported by: Watson Richards


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