February 28, 2024

ACEDHARS and MOH climax 5 days training

Africa Center of Excellence for Drug Research, Herbal Medicine Development and Regulatory Science (ACEDHARS) at Lagos University in collaboration with the Traditional and Complementary Medicines unit, Ministry of Health and School of pharmacy Liberia has climax five days of training in Monrovia.

The training which brought together more than 162 participants were intended to train people in the area of production of Herbal Traditional medicines in Liberia.

Speaking at the climax of the exercise over the weekend, the Executive Director of the African Center of Excellence for Drugs Research, Madam Omobolanel  Ademilua said, the mission of the organization is to introduce the traditional Herbal programs in all the West African Countries. She stressed that West Africa has lots of Herbal medicines that have the potential of catering to its citizens’ medical needs but these medicines need improvement.

 The program’s Executive Director urged the participants to implement what they were though during the five days of training to make a significant impact on society. Madam Omobolanel stressed that though traditional Herbal is good, it has not met international standards due to the lack of proper understanding by the service providers.

She said, the service providers are not knowledgeable in disseminating information about the good products and maintained that when the service providers are educated about the issues, the public will gain interest in making maximum use of the Herbal medicines.

the Physician used the occasion to inform the public that there will be twenty-seven (27) scholarships awarded to practitioners who want to advance themselves in the area of Herbal medicines production and regulations.

participants at ACEDHARS and MOH training

 Also speaking at the program; the Director of the Complementary Division at the Ministry of Health (MOH) Mohammed Kamara lauded the organizer of the program and said with the introduction of the program in Liberia, it is a release for citizens in the country.

He noted that West Africa is gradually getting out of Ancient traditional medicine practice to a modern traditional practice on the continent.

He narrated that there are plans to decentralize the Herbal Medicine Development and Regulatory Science program in the rural parts of the country. He called on the government of Liberia to assist the organization in constructing a modern Laboratory for the production of Herbal Medicine in the country.

Mr. Kamara maintained that if the production is carried out in Liberia, there will be lots of benefits for the county and its citizens another form of empowerment he noted.

Reported by: Joseph N. Kerkula

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