February 21, 2024

Pres. Weah- Terrorism and violent extremism jeopardize African states’ sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Liberia’s President, George Manneh Weah, has described the 16th Extraordinary Summit of the African Union’s Assembly of Heads of State and Government on Terrorism and Unconstitutional Changes of Government in Africa, held in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, as timely and commendable in terms of assisting the Member States suffering from the severe effects of terrorism and unconstitutional changes of government.

Mr. Weah stated that the expansion of terrorist groups on the African continent continues to pose a threat to peace, stability, democracy, and security, as well as the integrity of the countries in which they operate. The menace has now extended to all five (5) regions of the Continent for the first time in its history.

The Liberian leader stated that the twin phenomena of terrorism and violent extremism jeopardize African states’ sovereignty and territorial integrity, disrupting constituted governments’ ability to deliver needed goods and services to their people while plundering natural resources needed for economic growth and development.

“The issues of terrorism and unconstitutional changes of Government in Africa must therefore be frontally addressed by declaring them as Continental emergencies. This will heighten African and global awareness of the severity of the problem and help to mobilize urgently needed financing and related support. It will in turn enable us to develop the capacities of confronting the persistent threats, evaluate current response mechanisms, and decide on the specific actions and necessary measures to strengthen the security of the respective Member States facing terrorism and violent extremism”, President Weah alarmed.

President George Weah raised the subject of undemocratic government changes as a threat to the continent, emphasizing the necessity to put in place effective ways to combat them. He advises them to consider implementing the suggestions of the African Union Reflection Forum’s recent Accra Declaration on Unconstitutional Changes of Governments in Africa, which was held in Accra, Ghana, from March 15-17, 2022.

“Africa has recently experienced the resurgence of unconstitutional changes of Government, particularly military incursions into politics, with negative consequences for peace, security, stability, constitutional governance, and development. This development is happening at a time when cumulative and significant efforts have been made by African Leaders, continental and regional institutions, particularly, the African Union and Regional Economic Communities (RECs) to consolidate democracy”.

Liberia, as a founding member of the African Union and a successful post-conflict polity, looks forward to leveraging its experience in dialogue and cooperation with all African Union Member States on issues such as peace, security, political stability, combating terrorism and violent extremism, and unconstitutional changes of Constituted Governments in Africa, according to Mr. Weah.

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