March 24, 2023

NAFOMTAL President distances association from politics- Calls on critics to desist

The President of the National Motorcycle and Tricycle Association of Liberia (NAFOMTAL) has alarmed that there are some individuals who are in the habit of dragging the association into politics something which he said is far from reality.

He said his Leadership has struggled over the years to establish NAFOMTAL; he will not sit and allow it go down the dream. Mr. Deapah expressed that NAFOMTAL was established on the basis of unity and not politics. He said the mission and vision of the association are to unite all motorcyclists operating in the country as such, those who are in the constant harbit of tarnishing the reputation of the union should desist for the best interest of all motorcyclists.

Mr. Deapah added that why it is true that the government of Liberia through the ministry of Transport recognized NAFOMTAL as the only legitimate union operating in the country, it is in no way means that members of the association are working at the will and pleasure of the government.

He said NAFOMTAL is an independent organization that is seeking the warfare of motorcyclists. According to him, his leadership is working towards uniting and training motorcyclists across the Country ahead of the 2023 general and Presidential elections.

Speaking at his NAFOMTAL head office on Benson Street in Central Monrovia on Tuesday, May 31, 2022, Mr. Deapah used the occasion to inform the public that the survivability of the association lies squarely on motorcyclists operating in the country.

He mentioned that motorcyclists in the country need serious attention especially in the area of education. He called on humanitarian organizations, officials of government to aid members of the association in terms of organizing training for motorcyclists across the country.

Mr. Deapah at the same time called on politicians to stay away from the workings of NAFOMTAL, he clarified that the association does not belong to the ruling establishment as it is speculated.

Reported by: Joseph N. Kerkula

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