February 25, 2024

Surprise Whea to retain LKF Presidency on white ballots

The Election Commissioner of the upcoming Liberia Kickball Federation elections said incumbent Presidential candidate, Emmanuel Surprise Whea will be contesting on a white ballot.

Mr. Omega Jimmy indicated that applications showed that no Presidential candidate registered for the impending elections come June 11, 2022. He added that the incumbent candidate followed the expiration of term date May 31, 2022, and applied to contest for his second term bid.
Meanwhile, the official list of qualified candidates has also proven that the rest of the candidates will all be contesting on white ballots.

The qualified candidates are:

  1. Emmanuel Suprise Whea–President
  1. Solomon Ward–Vice President for Administration
  2. Emmanuel Mark-Vice President for Operations
  3. Abu Fofana–Secretary-General
  4. Manjustu Kulee– Assistant Secretary-General
  5. Janneh Blamah–Treasurer

Reported by Sports Director: Sylvester Tamba

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