March 25, 2023

Coach Jasper Ben Felix talks toughed

The head coach of a newly promoted 1st division club, Cece United said he is not aware of the ongoing speculations in the media of him being enlisted as one of the candidates to replace Coach Kollie Korvy at Nimba Kwadoe FC. Nimba Kwadoe is a 1st division club based in Sanniquelie City, Nimba County.

Coach Jasper Ben Felix mentioned that he is only aware of Nimba Kwadoe’s parting company with Coach Korvy but he is yet to verify him being regarded as one of the front runners for the job.

Coach Filex however told Reports 231 on Thursday, June 2, 2022, in Monrovia that though he has built good relationships with both the players and the administration of Cece United in the past season, he stands ready to seek new challenges.

” You know that I’m a professional and I’m capable of seeking a new challenge in the right direction. Again, I’m still under contract with Cece United, but if what the media is reporting is true, I can compare it with what is currently on hand and make a determination to stay with Cece United or I seek a new challenge, Coach Filex narrated”.

“Who thought of Arsene Wenger leaving Arsenal after so many years due to the relationship he built with the club. The professional people are in demand and everyone will like to work with them, Cece United Coach said”.

Coach Jasper Ben Felix also said the media is not doing more in creating necessary awareness about his performance in the league.

According to him, the media is so silent in outlining his achievements to the public even his recent ones with Cece United FC guarding them against 2nd division to 1st division just a season in the league.

“If I tell you that I’m not disappointed in the media in terms of not outlining my achievements, I will be unfair! I’m disappointed in the media for not talking about my achievements. I considered myself a Liberian because of my connection to this country. I am married to a Liberian woman specifically from Nimba County, but I feel saddened by the way I have been treated by the media. Sometimes I feel that the media is considering me to be a foreigner that is the reason nobody is talking about me, Coach Felix said”.

Coach Jasper Ben Felix also noted that the league is not making brand due to a lack of foreign players. According to him, people should stop shifting blames on coaches for being the cause of the poor achievements of the league.

“If the league will improve, we will have to bring in a new approach to the league by bringing in foreign players. Foreign players will bring a new approach to the league, different culture, and lots of positive attributes which I believed will help us greatly to add on the local players. We are still doing the same time but expecting different results which don’t work that way. Just look around the world today, foreign players have been the backbones for all the best leagues. I challenge whoever says that the coaches are responsible for the underperformance of the league, as Coach Ben Felix mentioned”.

He said clubs practice three times a week while the case is different in other countries, yet they expect huge results that the team is not prepared for. “Why will a team that is going to represent the country in CAF Champions train just three times a week? These are some of the poor preparations we are talking about which will have to be recorrected to move the league forward, he acknowledged”.

Meanwhile, Coach Jasper Ben Felix has worked at Fulani United, Mighty Barrolle, Professional Sisters, Keitrace FC, and Earth Angels for more than 20 years in the LFA National league.

Reported by Sports Director: Sylvester Tamba


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