February 28, 2024

Put your house in order-Say Mark Jabateh

A Political activist had underscored the need for members of the opposition block to put their house in order ahead of the 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections if they must defeat the Ruling Colation for Democracy Change.

Speaking on Thursday, June 2, 2022, on Truth FM a local radio station in Monrovia, Mr.Mark Jabateh said the internal fright within the CPP is due to power struggle among Head’s of the four Political parties which he say had extended to members of the parties and their supporters.

He said if they can not come together as was done during the 2020 Senatorial Election that saw massive defect from the ruling Party and wins for the CPP.

According to Jabateh, how will people who want to take State power can not settle their one problem but rather take it to court and allow the government to make fun of them, “some of them are there saying the law must take it coast”.

Jabateh frowned on the Former Vice President and Unity Party Political Leader Joseph N. Boakia for not uniting the CPP but rather dividing the CPP by allowing the party to leave the Marriage that was so Loved by the Liberian people and the hope of Liberians is lost.

He said he will lead a Recocellation process that will see all of the Political Leaders coming together as it was done early “I have already started doing it, I spoke to old man Boakia, Musa Bility, Cummings and Senator Dillon in order for them to come to a round table to discuss.

He at the same time called on ALP Political Leader Benoni Uray to advise his son Henry P.Costa to desist from insulting senior members of the Opposition block which he thinks is one of the reasons the conflict in the CPP is still high.

Commenting on the achievement of the government Jabateh said, the Weah lead Administration has done nothing to be given another six years. He named Corruption, Bad Governance, weak Justice system among others as some of the issues why Liberians should not vote the CDC to power come 2023.

Jabateh said the Weah lead Government had not been working in the interest of the ordinary people ranging from Health Services, Security, and Education which he thinks will not allow them to Win the upcoming Elections.

Reported by: Taisah K.Merfee

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