March 25, 2023

Blue Crest Inaugurates New Education & Training Facility

The Blue Crest University in Liberia on Saturday, June 4, 2022, inaugurated a new annex campus of education and training facility. The platform is named and styled “Blue Crest Solutions.” It will be a unique platform for providing intellectual and impeccable solutions to the organization and other institutions with respect to different facets of importance in IT, Management, Fashion and Design, Philanthropic and Social Projects, and Consultancy projects amongst others.

At the same time, the University launched a certificate course in Fashion Makeup. The specifics of the course include Introduction to Makeup Artistry, Introduction to Skin types, Natural Makeup & Eye Makeup, Casual and Glamour Applications, and Halo Eye including Lashes, Eyebrows, and Strobing.

In his remarks at the program held at the new annex campus of the institution in Congo Town, Tubman Boulevard, Dr. Umesh Neelakkantan, President of the Blue Crest University said the University has been able to contribute to addressing the genuine cause of Liberia in advanced higher education, since 2014 and added that the new annex campus is a great step towards making entrepreneurial status greater and more established.

Dr. Neelakkantan explained that it is very important that E-learning engagements suffice the requisites of transforming society. Science and Technology have proved that innovations evolved the best-transformed status through thoughtful interventions. He made known that the Ministry of Education has been propagating seriously regarding the advanced necessities in Education.

According to him, he believes that the state of citizens’ progress is when they acquire the benefit of information, noting the state of a person is elevated when one absorbs the speed at which the world is progressing. No country can be a spectator on this earth.

The University Rector averred that Blue Crest will slowly progress into the field of agriculture, sports, folk arts, hotel management, and others. There are brilliant plans being articulated for making and integrating sports an important step for Liberian school children, he added.

Meanwhile, Dr. Umesh pleaded with the government through the Ministry of Education, saying, “Very important financial assistance is being provided to many academic institutes. I am sure that Blue Crest will also be recognized with necessary financial assistance by the government of Liberia for all the good contributions being made to this country. We have applied for important project grants, but I feared it has stuck up due to some formalities. We request your good offices to help us in formalizing these grants.”

Dr. Umesh Neelakkantan was followed by Mr. Saku S. Dukuly, Assistant Minister at the Ministry of Education, who gave the inaugural address of the program. The Assistant Minister asserted that there is no greater form of preparation for change than education, mentioning that the ability to use communication and information technology is now a critical part of the learning, as well as an essential qualification for eventual application in the workplace.

He added that reducing the gap between education and the world of work is thus a priority for the Liberian government because of the economic and social dividends that could be obtained by increasing the proportion of the population that is gainfully engaged in productive endeavors.

According to the minister, the government of Liberia in collaboration with donor partners especially the European Union, the Swedish, French and German Governments are providing substantial financial support to strengthen the Liberian Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector in its capacity to deliver equitable and gender-balanced access to high quality and demand-driven TVET.

“Young Liberians that will be attending this institution will make full use of these new facilities to improve their education and contribute to their country’s progress by achieving full and rewarding lives in the future”, he added.

Reported by: Stephen G. Fellajuah
WhatsApp: +231777015294

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