September 26, 2023

Several women in Nimba get COSDO grant

Several women in Nimba County have benefited from a capacity-building project on climate change through the Global Environmental Facility Small Grant Programme.

The project is funded by the UNDP small grant project (SGP) and was implemented by the Community Sustainable Development Organization with the women of Kpiekpoa Town in Nimba County benefiting from the initiative.

Climate change is an environmental phenomenon that is impacting all countries, but its effects are being shaped by unescapable and rooted gender inequality thus hampering the lives of women as compared to their male counterparts.
According to COSDO Executive Director Bleh Gbeintor, women are more likely than men to live in poverty, have less access to basic human rights such as the ability to freely move and acquire land, and are subjected to systematic violence that worsens during periods of instability, a situation that the project seeks to address.

Climate change is a global issue that has influenced every country, but its consequences are determined by widespread and persistent gender inequality. Women are disproportionately affected by heat waves, droughts, increasing sea levels, and violent storms.

“The Paris climate agreement includes specific provisions to ensure women receive support to cope with the hazards of climate change; something she expressed optimism for the women of Liberia specifically the project focus area”. Madam Gbeintor stated.

The COSDO Executive Director further indicated that Gender inequality hampers women’s capacity and potential to be actors in climate action.

“These gender discrepancies in resource availability and control, access to education and knowledge, and equal rights and access to decision-making processes define what women and men can do and cannot do in the context of climate change.” COSDO Executive Director added.

The GEF Small Grant Programme has empowered many lives and built communities in so many counties. The program has impacted the lives of the disabled community, the Women and Youth of Liberia. The Community Sustainable Development Organization has been one of the many organizations that have greatly benefited from this initiative COSDO Executive Director disclosed.

“We are grateful to the GEF SGP under the UNDP program in Liberia. We are also grateful to the Small Grant secretarial for all of the support given us during these difficult times in our Country” Mrs. Gbeintor lauded.

The Community Sustainable Development Organization secured a grant from the Small Grant program intended to impact the lives of rural women in Kpiekpoa Town Nimba. COSDO along with Humanity Care Liberia and Agriculture Relief Services (ARS) were the three organizations to implement the same project but at different locations in Nimba County.

Reported by: Stephen G. Fellajuah
WhatsApp: +231777015294

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