December 8, 2023

Be your Own Security

LIS Deputy Commissioner Atty. Asatu cautioned Liberian Women

The Deputy Commissioner General for Naturalization of the Liberia Immigration Service had Stressed the need for women to be their own security in the midst of Pressing security issues that women are going through.

According to Atty. Asatu Bah Kenneth safety and protection of women is very important doing and after Election, the issue of protection is critical to the Nation as the country gear toward the 2023 Election it is important for women to protect themselves before one can protect them.

The LIS Deputy Boss is at the same time challenging the women to cherish the high earn peace that the country is enjoying ” with the level of violence and crimes that is been carrying on throughout the country, I see us as a nation going back to the dark days because of the less fortunate youths that had taken over the various streets Conner of Liberia and most women are currently using them as security which is very bad for our Nation and People”.

She said it is about time the Women of Liberia joined hands together to maintain the peace but complained that the issue of Sexual Gender Base Violence cases is on the increase.

” We have to protect our Community and you talk about violence against women, the many ghettoes in the various Community of which we are all aware of but refuse to inform the national Government”.

The LIS Deputy Boss spoke on Friday, June 10, 2023, at a Mediation Dialogue that brought together over 100 Women from 20 communities across Montserrado and Bong Counties some of whom are women’s Chief, Community Chairlady Women from Political parties, and most of them who had contested and wanting to contest Political Offices in the upcoming Election.

The project title: sustainable and inclusive peace in Liberia through promoting women’s leadership and participation in Civic and Political life and their strengthened role in Conflict Resolution.

It is been implemented by the Angie Brook’s International Center Under the flagship program the women’s Situation Room (WSR) initiated by Angie Brook’s International Center (ABIC).

The program also focuses on how Political parties respond to Violence against women in elections -Perspectives from women Leaders in Election under the Law.

Reported by: Taisah K. Merfee


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