December 6, 2023

Dillion Pushes For Dual Citizenship Bill Passage

Montserrado County senator Abraham Darius Dillon said he is counting on his colleagues in the Legislature especially the Liberian senate for the smooth passages of the dual citizenship bills in the interest of Liberians residing in the diaspora.

According to the Montserrado Senator, there are some Liberian citizens who have spent over 40 years in the Diaspora and are contributing immensely to the growth of the country’s economy noted that there is a need for members of the Senate to speedy erect the necessary checkpoint on the bills for passages.

The bills introduced at the Legislature by the Montserrado County senator Abraham Darius Dillon were subsequently passed by House of Representatives members and later forwarded to the Senate for final discussion.

senator Dillon noted that Liberian residing in the diaspora has been deprived of their right by the 1973 alliance and naturalization law such, that the law needs to be carefully reviewed by members of the Legislature.

He expressed that his quest for the passages for the Duo citizenship bills should not be overly politicized by politicians and it should not be discussed with sentiment but rather holistically. He maintains that restrictions on the bills need to be reduced to President and Vice president not appointed officials for nationalized Liberian citizens.

He maintains that the country stands to benefit when the dual citizenship bill is passed at the level of the Senate; there are some citizens residing in the diaspora who have the intention to contest for public office when the bill is passed, it will be a great relief for citizens in the diaspora he noted.

According to him, the bills is very essential to every Liberian in such, the public need to keep calm as they are working in the interest of the country and people; in the midst of the dual citizenship Wahala, the National Elections Commission has not denied any candidate in the recent election for holding another citizenship in the country.

Montserrado County senator made the accession on Monday, June 20, 2022, on a local radio station in Paynesville Kool Morning Ride; on Koolfm 91.9.

It can be recalled during the 2020 senatorial Elections, the Montserrado County senator was the lead campaigner against dual citizenship in the country based on his advocacy, he gain popularity during the electoral process.

Reported by: Joseph N. Kerkula
Contact: +231777376826

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