February 28, 2024

Incumbent Pres. Cooper and others to contest on white ballots for Amputees football elections

The Liberia Amputee Football and Sports Association( LAFASA) Adhoc elections committee chairman, Bill Karmo has released a list of qualified candidates for the Federation’s impending Elective Congress slated for July 15 of next month.

According to Article VI section 6.5 of the Amputees Football and Sports Association Constitution, the tenures of the President and two Vice Presidents, Secretary-General, Assistant Secretary-General and Treasure expires after every four years from the date of induction into office.

Article xi section 9.1A says Candidates’ academy qualification must be Junior High and above and must also be 25 years and above with good moral characters and must have served at the executive level for at least two years at their various clubs.

However, the election committee Chairman Mr. Karmo said following proper vetting of registered candidates, they have realized that the below names are all contesting on a white ballot.

1 George D. Cooper _President

2 Samuel Tengbeh VP\ADM

3 Morris Quoiquoi Vice President for Operations

4 Emmanuel Brown Secretary-General

5 Emmanuel Nyuman Treasurer

6 Boye Johnson Asst/Secretary-General

Reported by Sports Director: Sylvester Tamba

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