February 28, 2024

In Cape Mount, Taylor’s switch causes concern

Days after joining the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) citizens of Grand Cape Mount County are heavily divided on decisions taken by the county senator Simeon Taylor. According to the citizens, the senator was voted on the basics of sympathy not what he has done for the county in the past.

The citizens lamented that Senator Taylor contested for the county higher seat on several occasions but he did not succeed in all efforts exerted by the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), the Alternative National Congress (ANC) made him during the 2020 senatorial Elections.

The citizens said the same Coalition for Democratic Change ( CDC) government dragged Senator Taylor to court after the 2020 senatorial election, this is the same CDC, he has finally joined in total deception on the part of the Senator the citizen narrated.

The citizens most of whom are from the Gola-konneh District in Grand Cape mount County narrated that the Senator took a unilateral decision without consulting the elders of the county something they described as a sad day in the political history of the county.

The citizens frown at the Senator’s latest decision to have joined the ruling establishment that has already created a hardship for the people in the country. They expressed that many people in the county are finding it difficult to send their kids to school and they cannot afford to feed their families and people are going to bed hungry.

It can be recorded that after the 2020 senatorial elections, the National Elections Commission ( NEC) held the results of some counties due to electoral disputes; Nimba county, Gbarpolu county, Grand Cape mount County, and Lofa County amongst others.

On Saturday, June 18, 2022, the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) celebrated its 17 years of existence as a political party operating in the country, at the ceremony, a cross-section of oppositions figures crossed over to the ruling establishment among them were the newly elected Grand Cape mount County senator Simeon Taylor, Rep. Mambu Sonii formerly of the Liberty Party, Maryland county senator Gleh-bo Brown independent, Maryland county District #3 Rep. P. Mike Jurry and Nimba County District #9 Rep. Johnson Gwaikolo formerly of the opposition Victory for change.

As the country approaches the 2023 general elections, crossing over to another political party is very common among Liberian politicians.

Reported by: Joseph N. Kerkula

Email: jnkerkula@gmail.com

Contact: +231777376826

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