December 8, 2023

ULCHS, BRIDGE-U: Liberia Conduct Lecture Series On Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The University of Liberia College of Health Sciences (ULCHS), in partnership with the USAID-Funded BRIDGE-U: Liberia project on Wednesday, June 23, conducted a one-day symposium capacity-building learning and teaching seminar on health innovation and entrepreneurship for over fifty health science students and non-health-science students in Monrovia.

The symposium was held at the University of Liberia School of health Science auditorium at the A.M Dogliotti College of Medicine campus. It brought together students from the A.M Dogliotti College of Medicine and other international and foreign diplomats.

It may be recalled on June 22, 2022, the University of Liberia College of Health Sciences, in partnership with the USAID-funded BRIDGE-Liberia project on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, launched a Center for Teaching, Learning and Innovation (CTLI) for research utilization, inter-professional training, innovation, and knowledge generation in Liberia will deliver faculty development programming; Camp xSEL, an annual science camp for secondary school students; research on utilizing evidence in the health sciences; the Experiential Learning and Assessment Lab (ELAB), a clinical simulation center at John F. Kennedy Medical Center; an evidence-based decision-making course for current policymakers; and innovation and entrepreneurship trainings, mentorship, and venture incubation.

During the event, the Accelerator Executive, CIMIT lectured participants on the topic ‘’What Is In As Start-up Business Plan’’ while Mike Dempsey Entrepreneur in Residence, CIMIT also lectured on Business Economy and Paul Tessier facilitated on the topic defining user needs and value position.

However, in the eye-opening lecture series which was followed by questions, comments, and responses, the participants expressed excitement and joy over the various topic lectured, describing it as a great insightful engagement that will help them explore their respective areas.

The participants in separate remarks said, ‘’We are grateful for the knowledge we have acquired. We assured the UL College of Health Sciences and its partner, BRIDGE-U Liberia that what we have learned will be demonstrated while we perform our responsibility. We admired all of the lecturers and this impactful career development is a milestone.

They added that defining user needs and value proposition has been a challenge for entrepreneurs in the country and even business economic plans, how to start up a small business had also been a challenge, but according to the participants they will use the knowledge wisely to make an impact in the society.

Remarking at the program, Innovation Coordinator, ULCHS Simmie Nyanfore explained that the project is a very new initiative and hopes that participants will take advantage of it to improve their learning and innovation skills that will benefit them and the country. He added that they have waited too long for the government to provide said initiative, saying we will solve issues for ourselves and contribute to nation-building.

People will continue to get government employment according to the ULCHS Innovation Coordinator, noting that there are people who will venture into the private sector so as to enable them to cater to their families and society, mentioning that can only happen with the knowledge of training, innovation, and creativity they have gained.

Reported by: Stephen G. Fellajuah
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