December 8, 2023

Dr. Pah Suku predicts Pres. Weah’s defeat come 2023

Dr. Suku has informed the Liberia populace that President Weah’s inability to provide proper Leadership in governing the state, is contributing to the underdevelopment of the country.

The long-time progressive and preacher man name the Dysfunctional education sector, Poor health, ineffective governance, lack of electricity, safe drinking water, and corruption, amongst other basic social services delivery are the fundamental reasons why President George Weah will not retain the Nation’s higher seat.

The religious and political prelate also narrated that since the inception of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) government in 2018, they have failed to provide quality leadership that Liberians deserve; taking into consideration the expectations of the Youthful population; the hope and aspiration of the youths of this country are not actualized, he noted.

It can be recalled during the 2017 general and Presidential Elections, the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) ran on the Platform “Hope For Change” the change that Liberians are still yearning for Dr. Suku noted. He said, based on the nomenclature and the campaign messages the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC ) won 14 of the 15 counties according to the National Elections Commission (NEC) results.

He expressed that the Weah’s Taylor’s Administration has scored an “F” in Steering the Affairs of the state based on citizens disenchanted across the country. Dr. Suku lamented that the president’s consistent silence on major issues in the country speaks volumes and the fail attitude of some officials of government, the mysterious deaths of citizens, and the numerous challenges citizens are confronted with contributed to the downfall of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) government.

The prelate mentioned that President George Weah appointed inexperienced and corrupted officials who only care about enriching themselves and do not care about the welfare of the impoverished Liberians who voted for them.

He expressed that the Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Samuel D. Tweh is an incompetent Minister since the foundation of the country. According to him, Minister Tweh announced to the World that Liberia has a BUDGET surplus and citizens can not feed the impacts positively since the pronouncement was made months ago.

He further that citizens can no longer find LRD$5.00 and LRD10.00 Liberian Dollars banknotes on the market which is causing a serious problem for marketers and consumers in the country. Dr. Suku made the accession on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 edition of the OK afternoon conversation, a local radio station in Liberia.

Report by: Joseph N. Kerkula
Contact: +231777376826

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