March 23, 2023

Jeety Vows To Employ 100 At-risk Youths After Rehabilitation

Renowned philanthropist and Indian businessman Dr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva (Jeety) has promised that he will provide 100 jobs to disadvantaged youths (zogos) at his Rubber Processing Factory in Margibi County after they have successfully gone through their rehabilitation and reintegration process at the Youth Agricultural Training Center in Paynesville. The Rubber Processing Company is expected to officially begin operation in 2026.

The former Indian Honorary Consul General to Liberia made this known on Thursday, June 23, 2022. The government of Liberia, through the Ministry of Youth and Sports, along with development partners, held a press briefing at the Pelham Building in the suburbs of Center Street Cemetary where several disadvantaged youths reside in deplorable conditions and ruin.

The outdoor engagement was to create awareness for the upcoming June 30, 2022, national fund drive intended to raise US$13.8 million for the rehabilitation and empowerment of the growing number of at-risk-youths in the country, who are otherwise referred to as zogos.

The briefing was graced by Minister D. Zeogar Wilson, Chairman of the Steering Committee and Minister of Youth and Sports, Minister of Health Dr. Williamena Jallah, Minister of Information, Ledgerhood Julius Rennie, representative of Gender Children and Social Protection, partners among others.

The presence of the Indian businessman at the program ignites huge jubilation at the gathering as disadvantaged youths begin to sing ” long live Mr. Jeety”. You leave us oh la Jeety we want. Children father, children father” Talk and do Jeety, Talk and do jeety”

However, remarking at the program, Dr. Sachdeva assured the At-risk youths that all those who will be rehabilitated and reintegrated into the society with the necessary skills to contribute to nation-building will be recruited by his company to work to enable them to provide for themselves and their families, calling for joint efforts to rescue the youthful generation.

” My friends, let me give you this big announcement in this public manner because most of you are aware that I am constructing my Tyre factory. I announce to you in this public manner today that I will provide one hundred jobs for you that will be rehabilitated through this program at my factory. There will be other great things and more will come but the first hundred jobs will be given as you graduate” he vowed.

Dr. Jeety, Gov’t Officials and Disadvantage Youths in photo after the interaction

Dr. Jeety is constructing a US$25 million Rubber Processing Factory in Cita, Margibi County to produce tires for the first time in Liberia. The business guru told senior journalists during a tour at the ongoing construction site that production of tires will start in 2026, just 100 years after Firestone, the world-leading rubber producer commenced operation in Liberia and shipment of latex outside the country.

The Factory, including warehouses, washing, and treatment plants would be situated on 13 hectares of property. Expected to be the largest in the country, the factory building (132,000 sq ft) will be completely prefabricated.

The construction which is estimated to take one year to complete started just six months after the government of Liberia and Jeety Rubber LLC signed the concession agreement in December last year. Dr. Jeety said the youths are the great future of the country and Liberia belongs to them therefore, they should not allow anyone to use them to destroy the future of their own country.

“Liberia is your country and do not allow anybody to use you to destroy your country. Do all you think you can to join hands to build this country and do not allow yourselves to be used by anyone. You have been left out for so many years but do not allow this opportunity to pass you. Anybody comes to you here with violence resist them and if you need help continue to call me. I am part of this great transformative nation-building process to rehabilitate every one of you”, he further remarked.

Dr. Jeety further indicated that the first time he visited the Pelham building and observed the living condition of the disadvantaged youths broke him down in tears but again through his regular interaction with them he was able to understand the source of their condition and has continued to provide food for them and counseling which has made some changes.

The Indian businessman explained that he is proud to form part of the great initiative along with the government to rehabilitate youths across the country to make them productive and self-supportive which according to him will mitigate the security threat in the communities and the country at large.

” Let me tell you this story from India. There was this guy that wanted to bring in drugs and so he supplied the youth with free drugs for two to three weeks. However, after a period he stopped and they began to look for money all by themselves to get the drug because he made them used to it. This is what you are into and to solve that some of you steal on the street, jacking people’s phones and other belongings. The women engage in prostitution which is very bad”, he said.

Dr. Sachdeva told the disadvantaged youths that they are victims of drugs, despite what they are experiencing they can change once they are willing and ready to embrace the change that the government and partners seek to transform them, adding that he will do all it takes as a member on the team to see them transformed.

” The government has come here with a message, mission, and vision for you to change. They have told you that they want to rehabilitate you by taking you to the vocational training center that will be renovated and teach you all kinds of skills and bring you back to society. This is good for you and I urge you not to allow this opportunity to pass you.”

For their part, the At-risk-youth lauded Dr. Jetty for his continued support toward them through his feeding program, mentioning that they are willing to be rehabilitated to contribute to nation-building.

“We are excited that you have come with this initiative. Dr. Jetty, we believe in you because you are talk and do. With the hundred jobs that you have promised us at your factory, we are willing to change and work like any other person seated here. We thank you for your support but hope that this government will not lie to us we hope that this is not a campaign thing to delay us because we are willing to change from this bad life and deplorable living condition” they said in separate remarks during the press interaction.

Reported by: Stephen G. Fellajuah
WhatsApp: +231777015294

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