February 21, 2024

ActionAid Liberia with partners Launches PEACEBUILDING  and LAND TENURE PROJECT 

Women’s empowerment and rights in  Liberia have been suppressed from generation to generation through Cultural, Religious, and Political beliefs, leaving them second to motion in society. 

In the 21st century, International organizations and others are investing huge efforts in activities that promote women’s full participation in decision-making processes. These activities also aim to encourage power shift from men to women and dismantle the long-existing bias that favored men’s participation that promoted the patriarchal system. Women’s participation in such activities will not only empower them but also inclusively strengthen healthy communities where everyone is treated with respect and dignity. 

In the process to boost this effort and getting Liberia free from violence melt against Women in Society,  an International Nongovernmental organization INGO  “Actionaid Liberia” with implementing partners through the support of the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund UNBPF has launched  FUNDED PROJECT; aiming at Strengthening the agency of young women in peace-building processes and land tenure in  Liberia. 

Speaking at the launch of the project at the Mamba Point Hotel in Monrovia on Friday, July  1, 2022, Actionaid Liberia  Acting  Country Director, Mr. Joseph  Madzvamuse said, Actionaid Liberia in partnership with Liberia Women Empowerment Network LIWEN,  Community Sustainable Development Organization COSDO,  Women Education Development Network WEDOL, and Women and Children Development  Association of Liberia WODAL are implementing their 18 months project in Sinoe, Gbapolu, Magibi, and  Bong County. 

According to him, their project seeks to enhance the leadership and capacity of the young Women’s Organizations Network to organize and lead  Community actions to constructively assert their land rights and inclusive land and natural resources  Governance in order to prevent conflicts and ensure peace is maintained in the Country.

“This action is aiming to directly reach 3,530 people (3000 female 530 male) including  2,500 young Women between the ages of 16 to 35 and 500 older Women in four Counties in Liberia. while over 20,000 will indirectly benefit through media engagement and other forms”, Mr. Madzvamuse stated.

Also Serving as key  Launcher on behalf of the Justice Ministry, Mr. Gobah Anderson from the Alternative  Disputes Resolution unit challenged the implementing partners to bring forth positive results. 

According to Gobah, the Nation would reach its breaking point if they are unable to fulfill the donors’ wishes, which will lead to the loss of several opportunities.

He warned the implementing partners to manage the resources provided for the Country to be used in an efficient and accountable way in order to gain the donors’ trust.

” The  2008 Liberia Rights act has changed a lot of things including Liberia Landscape and Land rights Governance administration,  but the Women rights to a title are still challenging, especially becoming Administrator for customary Land in Liberia”, the Ministry of Justice representative Mr. Gobah Anderson asserted. 

In a special remark, the Resident Coordinator of the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund, Mr. John R. Dennis said, Since the UNPBF presence in Liberia 2008 till date,  they have spent over  $ 81M U.S. Dollars on the peace-building process across the Country. 

“We expect rigorous follow-up from Actionaid to make sure all these activities are implemented which we have confidence in. What my office does is perfect coordinating Monitoring and providing oversight of projects we are providing through our implementing partners”, Mr. John R. Dennis emphasized. 

However, Actionaid Liberia Acting Country Director maintained, that the State, religion, and culture tend to regulate or make rules affecting women’s rights and other groups, while Poverty and social marginalization in Liberia often correspond to political powerlessness to voice concerns, access opportunities, and influence decisions.

“We are known for an unapologetic stance on human rights, especially as it pertains to the rights of women, girls, and the most excluded young people in Liberian society. GBV & GENDER RESPONSIVE PUBLIC SERVICES, ECONOMIC JUSTICE, CLIMATE JUSTICE & RESILIENCE”, Actionaid Liberia Acting Country Director narrated. 

Accordingly, their Vision is a just, equitable, and sustainable world in which every person enjoys the right to a life of dignity, freedom from poverty, and all forms of oppression. 

Meanwhile, their mission is to achieve social justice, gender equality, and poverty eradication by working with people living in poverty and exclusion,  through their communities’ organizations, activists, social movements, and supporters.

Reported by: Joseph Tumbey 
Contact: +231777941209

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