March 30, 2023

Shop At SNS launches Liberian-owned combined remittance and e-commerce services

A Liberian-owned digital platform created to make transactions easy for customers in Liberia and the diaspora, Shop At SNS, with a focus on combined remittance and e-commerce services, has been launched in Monrovia.

Shop At SNS, according to its Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Johnny Ballough Sneh, is an innovative platform that will provide adequate convenience for customers to transact in the simplest form from different locations in Liberia and the diaspora.

Speaking at the launching of the platform on Wednesday, June 29 at the National Petroleum (NP) Liberia headquarters in Congo Town, Mr. Sneh said SNS is the gateway to African commerce and would extend to Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Kenya in the next two years.

The young Liberian entrepreneur stressed that the innovation will bring more transformation by expanding the economy and creating huge employment opportunities for Liberians.

“Right now there is an opportunity for growth to digitize what we do, change the way we do business and the way our people live”, he said.

SNS – Serendipity, Normalize, Sustainability, according to him, is offering solutions to Sub-Saharan Africans residing in the diaspora, who frequently send money home to help their family pay expenses, pointing out that high costs, wait times, inconvenience, and uncertainty about how the money will be spent are all issues with sending funds. He indicated that Shop At SNS is a digital platform that will ease all the constraints, and allows Sub-Saharan Africans living abroad to simply purchase goods and services instead of just sending cash.

He noted, “Our product is a cross-border, eCommerce platform where SNS acts as the multi-party intermediary between purchasers, recipients, and vendors/suppliers. It allows users to place orders for goods for themselves and their loved ones. The receiving party can then pick up, at any SNS store, at a partner pick-up location, or have the goods delivered.”

In a more simple way, CEO Sneh further mentioned, “We are Africa’s next-gen, cross-border, eCommerce and Fintech platform, as well as an end-to-end Supply Chain Management Company. Think of Amazon in the US, Konga, and Jumia in Nigeria as well as other e-commerce platforms worldwide. We’re a little different because we combine remittance and eCommerce!”

Offers include: Market Place: Food Stuff, Electronics, Baby Products, Appliances with a Bar, and Restaurant
Fuel-Up: Gas, Diesel, Lubricants (engine oil, brake fluids, etc.), Propane, Cooking Gas Mobile Top-Up: To recharge phones with data and minutes.

“Our Stores: NP House, Congo Town (Head Quarters) Bend and Stop, Barnesville Red Light 15 Gate,” he added. Shop At SNS Liberia is the sponsor of the Lonestar Cell MTN Y’ello Star Season 2 project.

Reported by: Stephen G. Fellajuah
WhatsApp: +231777015294

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