February 21, 2024

Christian Anderson sentenced to Life imprisonment

Criminal Court ‘A’ Judge Roosevelt Willie has sentenced murderer of John Hilary Tubman, son of the late President William V.S. Tubman to Life Imprisonment.

Judge Willie’s decision today was followed by a unanimous guilty verdict handed down by twelve member jurors at the Temple of Justice.

It can be recalled on September 21, 2021, Mr. John Tubman’s lifeless body was found in his Fiaham home in Sinkor-Monrovia.

During Defendant Anderson’s testimonies, he disclosed that he killed Victim Tubman for allegedly having Sexual intercourse with him in his Anus.

According to Anderson, Mr. Tubman was a Childhood friend of his father who sometimes worked for him and knew a lot of secrets about the disease.

He said at some points, his father instructed him to do some work for the disease but still warned him to be careful for the decrease was a Guy who always wanted to have sex with Men.

Convict Anderson among other things disclosed to the Court that on one occasion, after Tubman’s interaction at his home, the deceased allegedly gave him Juice to drink, upon drinking said Juice, he fell dizzy and ended up asleep in the living room Chair in the deceased house.

Anderson noted that when he woke up, he noticed pain in his anus, which led him to the restroom to ascertain what was happening to him.

He furthered upon entering the restroom; he felt behind and noticed something unusual was there.

He said he ran back to the decease and confronted him if he had sex with him, but the decease didn’t respond.

From that moment, he began requesting the deceased to take him for treatment; he kept promising him, even telling him he would soon marry him, which he said agitated him.

According to him, the deceased had HIV records and so he felt that he needed immediate treatment but the disease kept reneging as promised, which led him to do what he did.

The defendant said, even though he regrets the death of Tubman, he feels happy for no one can use him as a Woman and go free.

Judge Willie instructed the Clerk of the Court to write the Probation Officer at the Ministry of Justice to conduct a character investigation in the community, school, and other places defendant Anderson might have lived.

The report from the probation officer showed that convict Christian Bryon Anderson informed the Court that Christian Anderson has no criminal record prior to killing Mr. Tubman.

But Judge Willie’s decision was based on evidence that was produced during the hearing of the case.

Counsels for Prosecution argued that though, the probation report alludes that the defendant has no Criminal record, the crime of murder is a hideous crime committed by a man against his fellow man.

The prosecution further the fact that the statement used by the Judge to charge the jury, that is to say, the deceased is alleged by the defendant to have “sodomized him,” does not give ground to the defendant to take the life of another person.  

They, however, pray the judge to grant the highest punishment under the laws of Liberia after the murder had been committed; that is, either death by hanging or life imprisonment so as to serve as deterrence to others that no matter how badly or how grievous someone may have offended you, the recourse is with the law.

Counsel for the defendant Cllr. Sannay Carlor, II prays for the judge to have mercy on the defendant. According to Cllr. Carlor, the circumstances that led to the incident is regrettable, but however, called on the Court and the Judge to consider the same.

Reported by: G. Watson Richards

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