February 21, 2024

To Help Rehabilitate At-Risk Youth

Mano Manufacturing Company Presents 25K check to GoL

In Liberia, the young people constitute over 65% of the country’s 4.5 million population. In the Liberian context, zogos are wayward citizens, many of whom are found between ages 15 to 35yrs most of whom are found of thievery and sometimes physically attacking and harassing pedestrians for their survival.
The rise in disadvantaged Youth, (zogos) is a challenge currently facing the country.

This menace continues to threaten public safety and security. The fact is Liberia, the oldest West African Independence Nation has more to do with liberating its youthful population from this nuisance of illicit drugs addiction that is imminent to devastating the peace and security and reverse the gains made over time in restoring peace in Liberia after the 14years of fighting one another.
Worse of all, they do have not any better sheltering, some are in ghettos, cemeteries, shanty structures, street corners, and market buildings at night. As a result of this, the continuous abuse of illicit drugs and substances continues to devastate their lives.

Many believe that the growing number of zogos in the country is the result of the 14 years of civil war; peer pressure, poor parenting, low household income, and high cost of living.

This situation has caught the attention of the Central Government including partners and other private institutions.
It can be recalled on Thursday, June 30, 2022, the government launched USD$13.9 million dollars National Fund Drive for the Rehabilitation and Empowerment of “At-Risk Youth”. At the event which took place at the Ellen Johnson Ministerial Complex in Congo Town, President George Manneh Weah cautioned the At-Risk Youth to get back to their senses and stop consuming narcotic substances.

After officially launching the project, the Liberian Leader took his time to caution the At-Risk youth that the time has come they take life serious, asserting that they made up an important demography sector of Liberia, and as such, they must make use of their youthful days, saying “gentleman get back to your senses If you have time in your favor use it wisely”.

The Liberian leader continued by urging the At-Risk youth to work with the government as the government collaborates with their partners to secure a better future that is required of them.
At the event, the largest manufacturer of household health and cleaning products in Liberia Mano Manufacturing Company pledged the amount of US$ 25,000(Twenty Five Thousand United States Dollars ).
As per their pledge, Mr. Asaad R. Fadel, General Manager of  Mano Manufacturing Company (MANCO), on Tuesday, July 5, 2022, presented the check of US$ 25,000, to the steering committee through the ministry of Youth and Sports.

Remarking at the presentation ceremony, Mr. Fadel disclosed that the money was in compliance with the promise made during the official launch of the fund drive for the At-Risk Youth in Liberia. “Today we have gathered here to validate our latest contribution to our Liberian brothers and sisters (the At-Risk Youth which I personally refuse to call “Zogos”, they are our children and will remain our children”, he said.
He stressed that the At-Risk Youth is the focal point of the project and he has committed to support it and assist in all capacities.

The Mano Company Boss said the fight against drugs usage by young people is not all about finance but requires the full support of all Liberians, while calling on the religious community and Liberians Living out of the country to join the fight in educating the youth of the country on their role, adding that they need to take on responsibilities.

“A winning Child is a winning future and also a winning country, the World Bank, the UN, and International Funds have always been there but that is not enough, we, Liberian people as a whole black and White must stand together and work together for a generation of at-risk youth who only has known war and devastation and now has to face the reality of life with its daily challenges”, he noted.

“Seriously, money is only a small part of the solution, My call today and I beg all the imams, pastors, prayer moms, grandmothers/fathers, mothers and aunts/uncles, coaches, teachers, business/government leaders here and in the diaspora to join all of us in reaching out not only to the at-risk but all of our youth that are thirsty for mentoring, leadership, to understand the trials and tribulations of life”, he stated.

Speaking further he pointed out, “You win sometimes, you lose sometimes and as a coach, I always tell my players, when we win the glory goes to you, when we lose, I take the blame as such when our youth are losing be it to drug abuse, the ghettos, to dropping out of schools and colleges, hitting the streets for the hustle, we are to take the blame, we, the leaders of the mosques, the churches, the mothers, the fathers, the teachers, coaches, the business, government, leaders, are to take the blame,” Mr. Fadal emphasized.
“Today is the time we need to help the youth, they are the feature leaders of the next generation, we should not neglect them. Any attempt to neglect them will affect their lives and will affect Liberia at large, I believe this is the time.”

Receiving the check, Youth and Sports Minister D. Zeogar Wilson, thanked Fadal and his company for their contribution, adding that it will boost the At-Risk Youth Fund Drive project. He promised that the amount will be used for its intended purpose.

Mano Manufacturing Company is the largest manufacturer of household health and cleaning products in Liberia. MANCO prides itself in providing quality household care and cleaning products across West Africa. The products are rigorously tested and conform to international standards. MANCO manufactures over 60 health and household products, including, CLORA Super Bleach, RED PACK Candles, WATERGUARD/SUR EAU, GREEN PALM Alcohol, MANOLINE Hair Pomade, POP Detergent Powder, and a variety of brands of Beauty & All-Purpose Soaps.

Reported by: Timothy R. Yoko

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