December 9, 2023

Five Drug Addicts or Zogoes demonstrate ‘ Buga Dance’ upon completion of rehabilitation

Five drug addicts commonly known as zogos have completed six months of the first cohort of formal substance users, rehabilitation, counseling, and reintegration program of EQ and JS Foundation and turned over to their families.

The turning-over ceremony was marked with an elaborate program, certification, and scores of testimonies from each of them and their parents recounting their pasts and current conditions.

The program was held on Sunday, July 17, 2022,  in the Phoneix Community on the Roberts International Airport highway. They include Jacob Harmon, Obinna Daniels, Glenn Clarke, Johnson Ballah, and Maxwell Sellue.

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of EQ and JS Foundation, Johnny Snel said it cost forty-five thousand United States dollars (USD$45,000.00), for the rehabilitation but they managed to work in USD$35, 000.00 to complete the entire program due to limited funds.

According to him, the next circle will kick off in three months at which time they will have raised enough funds from friends to go ahead with the program which is squarely meant for only females.

He informed newsmen that the vetting process will start soon as it was done during the first program which allowed the team to visit the various centers and ask who all want to be rehabilitated.

“We are calling on friends, and well-wishers to come in and help us with some funds to continue to run the program. This one you see here is not easy, to even provide food for them three times daily, gas the generator on a daily basis due to lack of LEC in this place, paying Physician to carter to them and hosts of other things are involving and expensive,” Mr. Snel said.

“The vetting process for the next program will soon start, but we need funds. And this will be for only females like it was done during the first phase. Seven persons will be okay, he added”.

Also speaking, the Coordinator of EQ and JS Foundation, Ms. Addina Jabbie described the process as a dream come through, adding that, they encounter several challenges along the way.

She narrated that they started the program with seven persons, but only five of them could graduate because others were not willing to undergo the rehabilitation despite expressing interest at the Initial stage.

“On the issues of challenges, we face a lot, most especially for the first three weeks. For them to even eat was difficult before you talk about bathing. They were just developing different kinds of attitudes. At times, you will just see them vomiting, getting angry without somebody doing anything to them”.

“With that, I appreciate God for those who could stand the process because others couldn’t, and they even end up leaving, she explained”.

Reported by Sports Director: Sylvester Tamba


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