September 25, 2023

Women in Gborpayee promises to run Weah 2023 campaign in Nimba

Several women in Gorpayee gather at a sports patch in that part of Nimba to welcome Liberia Leader President George Manneh Weah. The over three hundred women all dressed in traditional attire sang songs of praises to welcome President Weah. They at the same time sang songs promoting women in society, “WOMEN TODAY WOMEN TOMORROW, WOMEN YESTERDAY WE ARE THE SPECIAL WOMEN”.

The women who were in different groups all had farm produce in front of them as gifts to Mr. Weah. The short ceremony in Gborpayee was organized by the women of Gbor. Speaking on behalf of the women, Madam Mary Massique thanked the Liberia Leader for honoring their message to visit them. She again that the Liberian Leader for the hospital, school, and hospital in Bahn. Madam Mary said pointed out that there is no room for tribalism, indecent dressing, and ugly behaviors in society. She said their dressing signified decent dressing in society, especially for women. The women leader pleaded with Mr. Weah to put into law decent dressing and women respecting their husbands at home.

Women of Gorpayee

The women pleaded with the president to help them with vehicles and motorbikes in order to continue their outreach in the district, where they visit women in various towns teaching and encouraging them about life and happening in the country. They also asked Mr. Weah to give them the opportunity to spend August 24 with him in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia. Madam Mary speaking on behalf of her women promised to run the 2023 campaign in Nimba that will extend Mr. Weah’s presidency. They recommended that Mr. Weah choose some women from their group who are qualified to work with the Weah government in promoting women empowerment and women leadership in Liberia.

Nimba County District #4 Representative Gornpu L. Cargon called President Weah bad road medicine and expressed joy in receiving the president in that part of Nimba. He mentions that all votes that led to his leadership were the same as the Liberian Leader. He mentioned that the presence of Mr. Weah is a sign of development in that district. He at the same time praised Minister Nathaniel McGill, Minister of State for Presidential Affair for pushing the president’s agenda throughout the country. He reiterated the plight for women’s support especially women in other counties. Rep. Cargon pleaded with the Liberian Leader to help extend the high school to a vocational school in order to serve as a skill training center for the youths and young people.

Women of Gorpayee

Jeremiah Kohn the developmental senator in the county also thank the president for the job well done. He complained that due to the damaged bridge between Gborpayee andSanniquellia the team will have to pass through Gant before Sanniquellia. He noted that the women of Nimba are all serious and determined people, and announcing their support for weah 2023 is no joke.

President Weah in response said he will fulfill his promise to the Liberian people. Mr. Weah instructed the Minister of public works to look after the bridge linking the community to Sanniquellia. He at the same time promise to employ quality women within the group. Mr. Weah promises to communicate with the Minister of Education to upgrade the school to a vocational level. The Liberian Leader promised to celebrate his birth with the women of the district. Mr. Weah further that his government will install solar lights within the district. President continues to preach the good news of peace as he noted that the women of Liberia are the ones keeping the peace in Liberia. “Let us continue to keep the peace because peace is the best way to development”.

The women that were mixed with both age and young people including a group of pregnant women and students all danced to the tone of President Weah’s appearance in the district.

Women from Gbor District

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