December 9, 2023

Prioritize Girls and Women in Technology Says, Dr. Kimmie Weeks

Development is not about bags of rice, building drainages, but also about using technology to move our lives forward

The founder and Executive director of Youth Action International (YAI), Dr. Kimmie Weeks, has called on young people, especially girls to not consider the donations of bags of rice as development. “Development is not about bags of rice, building drainages, but it is also about using technology to move our lives forward because other countries are using technology to transform lives and have tangible development,” Weeks said.

He maintained that the initiative to have girls become greatly active in technology is a development process that will have a huge impact on the country’s growth. At the official launch of Girls in Tech Liberia (GITL) held over the weekend, Weeks acknowledged the hard work done by them through its Chief Executive Officer B. Massa Weeks and her entire team in ensuring that girls get involved in Technology.

“For one to be successful he or she has to continue being Studious, determined and should never give up because nothing good comes easily,” Weeks who serves as the guest speaker noted that girls and Women empowerment in technology should be an absolute priority to move Liberia forward.

“No Country will move forward without prioritizing Technology. It plays a vital role in the daily lives of people across the globe.,” Weeks said. According to him, Liberia views development in terms of road construction, drainage system, and building but must invest in technology. He said as long as Liberians cannot sit together to heavily invest in technology, the country will not progress. “At first, Liberians travel to other countries like America to see developments in technology and so on, but now, we need not go far but take a tour around our neighboring African countries that are improving in technology daily”, Weeks noted.

Mr. Weeks added that Botswana, Uganda, and Rwanda are African countries that are doing very well in the area of technology and countries that can be emulated. “These are countries that have invested in Technology, Uganda has fixed the first electronic bus that can run anyhow and anytime without using gas, Rwanda is building Cell phones, Cars, and many other things. Those are Countries we can be proud of as Liberians because they are far ahead in Technology,” he said.

He further emphasized the need for a large investment in technology if Liberia Will ever goes into the situation where it will be fully developed. The Liberian human rights activist noted that Government has a gift but is not using it effectively for said purpose to help its people. “All humans and individuals should be able to figure out their gift with emphasis made on the disadvantaged youths (Zogos) today.

Reported by: Aminata S. Kromah

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