February 22, 2024

Dr. Jeety Receives National Humanitarian Award

Indian Business Man Dr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva commonly known in Liberia as Mr. Jeety has been honored with the Prestigious Golden Image Awards Humanitarian category at the twelve Inaugural Bicentennial Edition of the Golden Image Awards in Monrovia.

Dr. Jeety was selected in the Humanity category for his humanitarian work in Liberia especially sharing cook meals to the less fortunate and needy in society. Dr. Sachdeva cook meal distribution has affected the whole of Monrovia and almost the entire Montserrado County including some parts of Margibi County.

Dr. Jeety during the heap of the COVID-19 distributed over 60,000 plates of cook meals to the people of Monrovia and people in Montserrado. He also provided oxygen to Liberia’s COVID-19 centers to help save lives, including the supply of Anti-COVID-19 materials and drugs.

Dr. Sachdeva has also distributed materials to the disabled, a hospital in kakata, and the Monrovia Central Prison among other humanitarian work. He is also one of the partners who is fully engaged with the AT-RISK youth (Zogos) and their rehabilitation. The Golden Image Awards see Dr. Sachdeva work in Liberia as the best humanitarian of the year.

Receiving the award from President Weah, Dr. Jeety thanked the organizers for recognizing his work in Liberia. He thanked the government and people of Liberia for allowing him to do what he love doing best as his way of life. The Humanitarian Icon said as part of his company’s Social Corporate Responsibilities, he will continue to give back to society. He noted that as part of his religion, it is always good to help those in need especially feeding those who are hungry and need care.

Dr. Jeety received the Prestigious National Humanitarian Award on Thursday, July 21, 2022, at the twelve Inaugural Bicentennial Edition of the Golden Image Award, Held at the Monrovia City Hall in Monrovia-Montserrado.

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