December 9, 2023

President Weah Remark at 175th Independence Day Celebration


Liberia President George Manneh Weah has called on all citizens to put off the spirit of disagreement and division and put on the spirit of unity, love, reconciliation, peace, stability, nationalism, and respect and love for one another. He urged all Liberians home and outside Liberia to join him to build the country no matter who they are, their status in life, the political ideology they aspire to, or their ethnic background; religious persuasion, social class, or academic standard.

Delivering his 175th July 26, 2022, National Independence Day speech, Mr. Weah said all Liberians have a patriotic duty, and a sacred obligation, to protect their sovereignty through good deeds, innovation, and hard work. He called on all citizens to unite and be reconciled in peaceful co-existence as citizens of Liberia.  According to him, maintaining the country’s sovereignty is the most successful achievement Liberians have made as a nation and people. President Weah added that it is now the collective responsibility of Liberians to sustain the peace, security, and stability of the first independent nation in Africa (Liberia). He encouraged Liberians to develop attitudes toward good governance, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law; as well as its core values and principles.

The Liberia Leader pledged Liberia and Liberians’ friendship to its African sister countries especially those who helped in bringing peace to the country after the fourteen years of civil war. “For my part, I pledge to continue to work closely with you, as we together strive to maintain peace and security within our region, and promote policies and programs that will bring development and prosperity to the citizens of ECOWAS.”

Mr. Weah expressed delight in the orator noting that she justified the confidence in the ability and unlimited possibilities of women and young people to make meaningful and significant contributions to the national discourse and to fully participate in the leadership and management of the governance structures.

President Weah acknowledging the special relationship subsisting between Liberia and the United States of America noted that the two countries are connected and it is very clear from Liberia’s history that the People of the United States of America have goodwill towards Liberia and Liberians, and the feeling is mutual.

 “This goodwill was manifested by the decision of the American Government to make a commemorative plaque that was given to Liberia on the occasion of our Centennial Celebration on July 26, 1947. And now today, at this celebration of our 175th Independence Anniversary; we have just witnessed the resubmission of that plague to the Government of Liberia by the American Ambassador to Liberia Amb. Michael McCarthy.”

Liberia President George Manneh Weah receiving commemorative plaque American Ambassador to Liberia Amb. Michael McCarthy.

Mr. Weah further called on all Liberians to be united in building a new Liberia in love, peace, unity, respect for human rights, and adherence to the rule of law.

“Some say that the Love of Liberty BROUGHT us here. Others say that the Love of Liberty MET us here. I say today to all Liberians, hear me and hear me well.  Whether it brought us here or met us here, let that Love of Liberty UNITE us here!”

The Official theme for this year’s July 26 celebration is “Fostering Unity, and Protecting Our Peace for Development and Prosperity”.

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