September 21, 2023

UP convention Surprises Partisans

Unity Party’s outgoing Chairman Amin Modad has congratulated all newly elected leaders at the UP convention ongoing in Gbanga, Bong County. The Unity Party’s current chairman on his social media page congratulated all winners shortly after the results were announced at the convention.

“I congratulate Rev. Luther Tarpeh on winning the Chairmanship of the Unity Party and all those ascending to leadership. I thank the partisans (especially those who supported us) who braved all the challenges to participate in this convention to fulfill their democratic rights and obligations. Over the last 20 months, I was afforded the unique opportunity to serve and work with a phenomenal team of dedicated colleagues including Dabah M. Varpilah, Jeror Cole Lofa Bangalu, Roland Giddens, Cornelia Kruah-Togba, Ben A. Fofana, Whroway Bryant, Selena Mappy, Edmund Forh Forh, Christian Cooper, Henry Zohnweah, and others, who mean so well for the Party and Country. Together, we have set the platform for many possibilities. For this, I have no regrets. I’ll be remiss if I don’t express my deepest appreciation to the dynamic campaign team led by Cllr. Jeror Cole Bangalu and Alphonso Belleh, supported by Togar Melvin Cephas, Charles Roberts, and the staff at the UP National Headquarters including Zunu K. Duyann, Klubo Mulbah Bartee, Seamanee Kolleh, Victoria Hodge, etc who made our work easier. Lastly, I thank all the political leaders with whom I interacted and worked to influence change and make Liberia better. You all have inspired me and will always be part of my political journey.”

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