March 29, 2023

Seven Persons Arrested in Connection to July 26 Violence

The Liberia National Police has announced that it has arrested Seven persons in connection to the street violence of July 26, 2022. Those arrested are Kendrick S. Pelenah, 30, Joshua S. Karr, 28, Pukar Roberts, 36, Ben B. Togba h, 25, Foday N. Massaquoi, 23, Aaron K. Chea, 26 and Abdurahman Barrie.

The police have also started a manhunt for the remaining suspects and will soon enlist the public’s help by publicizing the names and images of the wanted people.

The LNP alerts the public that it is continually looking into its officers who were in charge of the security for the event on July 26 under the Professional Standards Act, and added that the public will be duly informed subsequently.

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